[Solved] How to Set iPhone Parental Controls Time Limit?

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Despite the fact that technology and the internet have brought a lot of development and ease to our everyday life, it also comes with its own negative aspect, especially considering the many inappropriate contents flying through cyberspace today. Children definitely love to spend time on phones and even on the internet, and as parents, you definitely do not want your children on phone screens all through the day. That’s why we talk about how to set iPhone parental controls time limit.

2 Ways to Set iPhone Parental Controls Time Limit

It is important to put measures in place to ensure you can monitor what your kids have access to on their phones, especially how much time they spend on the phone and on the internet. One way to do this is by setting Guided Access on their iPhones, or yours.

1 Use the Guided Access to Set iPhone Parental Controls Time Limit

Guided Access is a feature provided by Apple which allows you to put up screen time limit on your iPhone or your kids’. So your children only get to play games, or surf the net for as long as you determine. When the time limit elapses, the iPhone/iPad automatically locks down. What’s more, Guided Access also enables you to restrict your iDevice, or your child’s to a particular application, e.g. an educational app (for a particular period of time). You can then choose to unlock the device thereafter, to permit the child to use it normally.

Here is how to set iPhone parental controls time limit.

First, Enable Guided Access

Step 1: Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Guided Access (under LEARNING).


Step 2: Enable the Guided Access slider and select Passcode Settings to set up a passcode. (If your iDevice has Touch ID, the Touch ID option enables you to unlock Guided Access using your fingerprint instead of passcode).


Step 3: Click the Time Limits option to set up time limit sounds. By default, time limit sound is on ‘None’, i.e. no sound is played, so Guided Access time limit just ends silently. However, if you’d like an audible alert when the time limit is up, you have to use the Sound (which allows you to choose one of the alert tones on your device) OR Speak option (which when enabled, speaks the remaining time aloud).

Then, Set Time Limit on App

Step 1: Open an App and press the Home button three straight times to enable Guided Access for the app.

Step 2: Click the Options button at the bottom-left of the screen, then enable the Time Limit option.

Step 3: Set up your preferred time limit, then click Done.

Step 4: Tap Start to put your device on Guided Access and apply your time limit. When this time limit expires, the iDevice locks itself until the passcode you set up earlier is provided.


To leave Guided Access anytime, just press Home button three straight times and enter your passcode.

2 Use an App to Set iPhone Parental Controls Time Limit

Kidslox is an amazing parental control app that helps you manage your family screen time. It helps parents to prioritize family time and also put daily limits on how much time your kids spend on their devices, and what they do on it.

  • Set up daily time limits on your children’s devices.
  • Selectively disable corruptive sites/apps.
  • Timer to set off/on periods in child or Lockdown mode.
  • Utilize a unique PIN so you smart kids can’t tamper with or change set restrictions.
  • Block access to the internet.
  • Guarantee safe browsing experience for your kids by filtering porn and other adult content sites.
  • Joggle between unrestricted ‘Child mode’, ‘Parent mode,’ and fully restricted ‘Lockdown mode’ in one click.

How to Prevent Your Child from Seeing Your Personal Files?

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Steps to Permanently Erase Private Files

Step 1: Download, install and launch Umate Pro on your PC, and then connect your iDevice using a USB cord.

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