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How Do I Share iCloud Storage with My Family

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Daniel Evans

June 22, 2018 (Updated: June 22, 2018锛

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iCloud Storage is when iCloud is set up on any Apple software (iOS 11, iOS 12) and comes with an enhancement of sharing storage with people, like the members of your family. It, however, comes in two folds; if your family members are using a free 5GB plan already from Apple and you are on a larger plan, they can be moved automatically to your storage, and if your family members are paying, you can invite them to your storage. Either way, they are both processes on how to share iCloud storage with your family.

Part 1. How to Share iCloud Storage with Your Family

When you share iCloud storage with family on your Apple device iOS, there are two processes involved, it is either you: 1. share with the existing family; 2. set up a new family.

1. Sharing with the Existing Family:

When adding an existing family member to your iCloud storage through sharing, it is an easy and straightforward process that only requires few clicks on your device. When doing this, your storage plan must be 200 GB, and above depending on the number of family members, you would like to add.

Steps involved with this process include:

Step 1: Go to the Settings.
Step 2: Click on the Apple ID banner.
Step 3: Click on Family Sharing.

icloud share family

Step 4: Click on iCloud Storage.
Step 5: Click the Send button and share with every member of your family as a form of an invitation to the iCloud storage you have created.

icloud share family

After all these steps, every family member you share the link to, can either accept or reject the invitation; either way, you have shared your iCloud storage with your family.

2. Setting up a New Family:

In a case where you want to set up a new family who are different from your family members, like your friends, you can create a group and add all the beneficiaries to it.

Steps to share with this new family include:

Step 1: Go to the Settings.
Step 2: Click on the Apple ID banner.
Step 3: Click on Family Sharing and then iCloud Storage.
Step 4: Share the invitation to the “new family” (friends) in the group you have created.

icloud share family

Note: If a family member was already paying for the iCloud storage before becoming a beneficiary of your iCloud storage plan, they get a refund which is often a reminder of their personal storage plan. It is impossible to use both plans simultaneously (personal plan and family plan).

Part 2. How to Manage Your Family鈥檚 iCloud Storage

In managing your iCloud storage sharing with family, everyone is entitled to see the storage consumed by each member of the family. As time goes by, the more the storage used, the more the need to upgrade to a higher plan than the former.

For devices, such as iPhone, iPad, etc., the steps to follow in managing storage include:

Step 1: Go to your Settings as the host.
Step 2: Click on Family Sharing.
Step 3: Click on iCloud Storage; where you will see, the space consumed by each member of the family (both existing and the new).

manage icloud family share

Part 3. One Thing You Should Know about iCloud Storage Sharing

There are cases of privacy leak on iCloud and you as a host of the storage plan are at a higher risk of losing private contents to the public; the sharing protocol that only accommodates 6 people can also be at risk from your device. Therefore, it is important to protect your personal privacy on iPhone.

For your personal files or data, do no keep them in iCloud but store them in your phone and delete them when no need them anymore. It is not suggested that you delete your private data from your device in a normal way, because the data can be easily recovered. The best to avoid this is to get help from iMyFone Umate Pro for Windows or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac , which helps to erase private data completely and ensures that your device is kept safe, private and recoverability of deleted files and data is not made possible.

The features offered by iMyFone Umate Pro include:

Umate Pro iphone data eraser

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  • It鈥檚 free to clean up junk & temporary files on your iPhone freeing up more space and making your iPhone run fast like it was new.
  • You can erase your personal data permanently with a 0% chance of recovery, including messages, call history, photos, videos and more.
  • You can erase messages and attachements of third-party Apps including Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp, Kik, and over 10 more third-party apps.
  • You get to preview even the deleted files on your iPhone and use the tool to erase them completely without any possibility of recovery.

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Here鈥檚 how to use iMyfone Umate Pro:

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your computer. Trust the computer if you are connecting the iPhone for the first time.

delete guide

Step 2: Launch iMyFone Umate Pro on either your Mac or PC. Tap Erase Private Data and then tap Scan.
Note: If you want to view and erase your deleted data, you can choose Erase Deleted Files to help you.

erase guide

Step 3: After the scan, you can preview the private data. Select the private files you wish to delete and then tap Erase Now.

delete guide

Step 4: Select the security level and then type “delete” in the text box below the security level.

erase guide

Step 5: Tap Erase Now and wait as iMyFone Umate Pro deletes your private data.

erase guide

While the tool is deleting the private data, keep the device connected to the computer and also avoid using it for the program to work properly. To avoid damaging your data or device, don鈥檛 stop the erasing process mid-way.

Part 4: How to Stop Sharing iCloud Storage with Family

If a beneficiary of the storage plan wants to leave the plan, he or she can do especially if he or she is using storage of 5GB and above. However, such a person must be able to buy a storage plan for 28 days. If he or she doesn鈥檛 do so, contents which are stored may exceed that of the iCloud storage and files won鈥檛 be saved, and iOS devices will fail to back up.

Also, as a family storage plan organizer, if you want to stop iCloud storage sharing with family, it is quick and straightforward. The following steps are involved:

Step 1: Go to Family Sharing from Settings, then click on iCloud Storage.
Step 2: Tap on Stop Sharing with Family.

stop sharing icloud storage with family

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