Advertisements are pop-ups that appear when you are browsing the internet on your iPhone/iPad. These pop-ups may hinder you from viewing the original content and generally requires an action, either minimising the pop-up window or closing the tab, before you can continue surfing. Also:

  • Advertisements may slow down the processing time of your iPhone/iPad as it takes extra time to load that particular web page than it would have without the ads.
  • Also, certain ads come with malware and phishers that are designed to obtain your personal information while you browse the internet.

Adblock for iOS12 is software designed to block advertisements from popping up and reduces the number of unwanted ads that appear while viewing a web page.

Five Wanted Features in The Ad-blocker for iOS 13

A perfect iOS Ad-blocker should be able to completely remove all advertisements from every possible webpage that you view. Apart from this, check for the following five features in ad-blocker software before making a purchase.

1. Saving of data plan

Not everyone carries a portable Wi-Fi device around while travelling. A good ad blocker for iOS 13 must come with increased data saving option which minimises your data plan consumed and allows faster browsing by eliminating increased internet download by the web page.

2. Battery saving mode

The iPhone/iPad ad blocker software will always be running in the background of your iPhone/iPad. Hence, the software must consume minimum battery life and avoid draining too much charge. This will enable longer browsing hassle-free.

3. Manual control

Some web pages do not open if their ads are blocked. Also, some necessary information on a website appears as pop-ups. Ad blocker will identify these as ads and prevent the page from loading. Hence, your iOS 13 ad blocker must come with manual control to modify default settings and turn its features off while viewing such a webpage.

Also, turning off option should be available for a particular website only. It must not be deactivated for all other websites that you open in future.

4. User-friendly

The software must be ease to use and smooth to scroll. Its settings must not be complicated and must be easy to identify. Proper software may come with its own on-screen keyboard and bookmarking facilities.

5. Must be private and safe

It must have user login features to allow access from any device and should be able to detect and reduce malware infection possibility. This you can judge from user reviews and comments.

Also, iOS 13 Adblock software must consume minimum space on your device, and regular updates must be available to reduce threats.

3 Latest iOS Ad-blockers

While lots of applications are available in the App store that is iOS compatible, not all run smoothly and come with all the desired features. However, based on popularity and functionality, here is a list of the three most trending ad blockers for iPhone/iPad:

1 Adblock Plus (ABP)

Its latest version is 1.1.0 and comes with a download size of 30.5 MB. This ad blocker is compatible with iOS 9.0 and later and is available with multi-lingual support. This is one of the highest rated apps and has been in market from 2006.

ipad adblock

2 1Blocker

This app received its latest update and version 1.2.5 is available. It is compatible with devices running iOS 9.0 or later and takes up 86.8 MB of space on your iPhone/iPad. However, the app claims to reduce web page downloading time by up to 50%.

adblock for ipad

3 Crystal Adblock

Another high rated app that has gained popularity because it consumes only 8.4 MB of your disk space. It is also available in multiple languages and is compatible with iOS 9.0 and above.

ipad ad blocker

Apps and Metrics
Crystal Adblock
Size on device
30.5 MB
86.8 MB
8.4 MB
iOS 9.0 and above
iOS 9.0 and above
iOS 9.0 and above
Free download
Free download
Multiple Language Support
Only English
Yes, but less than ABP
Data saving
Considerable, no exact data available.
Up to 50% data saving
Up to 50% of saving
Backup features
No backup facility available
Backup facility with cloud sync
Not available
Whitelisting feature
Available along with bookmarking