The reality is that your iPhone will always run the risk of getting the storage space filled up and cause some unwanted issues on your device. Therefore, freeing up space is a requirement that should happen from time to time and this is why your iPhone needs iCleaner to free up these spaces.

A Full Review of iCleaner iOS 12 for iPhone/iPad

iCleaner is an space-saving app for device cleaning in iOS. The function is to scan your iPhone and spot the unnecessary files and then clear them up to free your storage space. iCleaner iPhone is a good app even though it has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of iCleaner iPhone

  • It can clean and remove unnecessary data from your iPhone.
  • You can use it to delete text messages, cookies and cache memory of your device.
  • Can remove private content especially if you intend to sell off the device.

Cons of iCleaner iOS 12

  • Users have to pay for the app. It is not free.
  • There is no guarantee that data and contents deleted with the app cannot be recovered with modern recovery tools.
iCleaner iPhone

Best Alternative to iCleaner iOS 12 for iPhone/iPad

While iCleaner app is good for your iOS device, note that the iMyFone iPhone Cleaner or iMyFone iPhone Cleaner for Mac is the best alternative due to its top class features. The iPhone Cleaner remains one of the world鈥檚 best all-in-one Solution for your iPhone space saving with a well designed privacy protection package.

It is modern and fully compatible even with the new iPhone 7 and iOS 12 systems. iMyFone iPhone Cleaner has the ability to breathe new life into your iPhone by cleaning all junks that slow down your device. You can download the free trial version and clear up your iPhone junk file for FREE.

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Pros of iMyFone iPhone Cleaner, Compared to iCleaner:

  • Erased Data Is 100% Unrecoverable: Private data on iPhone/iPad will be permanently deleted without any possibility of recovery even with top modern data recovery tools.
  • Clear Third-Part Apps Cache & Traces: Useless cache and incomplete traces will be produced when using apps, which can be thoroughly cleared in 1 click, including Facebook cache, Snapchat, Twitter, Chrome, and 10+ more.
  • 5 Cleanup Modes to Select: It boasts 4 erase modes and - one-click cleanup mode to do all kinds of deletion on iOS devices, including existing private data or previoulsy deleted files.
  • Preview and Selectively Erase:it has the capability to scan your device entirely, fish out all private data, preview them and then selectively erase them according to your choice.
  • Completely Erase Deleted Files: When files are deleted by hand or even via a factory reset, there is a chance of recovery. Those files will be found out completely wiped to ensure they are not recovered again.
  • Support All Types of Files: iMyFone iPhone Cleaner supports file types like contacts, messages (including WeChat/WhatsApp messages), videos, apps, safari history, photos, voicemails and so many others.
  • Guarantee Your Privacy: It ensures that your data privacy is protected especially in cases where you decide to sell your device or transfer ownership to someone else. It wipes away your private data so that the new owner cannot see them.
  • Make Your Device New Again: iMyFone iPhone Cleaner makes your device new again because removes obstacles that prevent it from performing at optimal. All junk & temporary files like App caches, crash logs and corrupted files can be removed.
  • Delete in Bulk Unwanted Data: Just in several clicks, you can mass remove all photos/videos/Apps, or compress all photos to reclaim 75% of photo space. What鈥檚 more, before deletion and compression, it will back up automatically the original photos and videos on your PC.

This iPhone cleaner is easy to use, you can install the program easily whether on Mac or Windows. Then you just need to follow the below simple steps to clear up your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch:

Step 1: Run the iMyFone iPhone Cleaner and connect your iPhone to it.

Step 2: Choose the cleanup mode and scan your iPhone.

icleaner for iPad

Step 3: Click on the 鈥淐lean鈥/鈥滶rase Now鈥 button to start the process of refresh your iPhone.

icleaner iPhone

iCleaner iPhone vs iMyFone iPhone Cleaner

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iCleaner iPhone
Clean up Junk files
Clear up temporary files
Clear up cache of 3rd-party apps
Mass Delete Photos & Videos
Permanently delete iPhone data
Wipe previously deleted files
Privacy Protection