The need to properly manage hundreds of files and documents is one of the reasons you need iOS 13/12/11 file browser. Using any iOS 13/12/11 device requires structured planning and effective mechanism, and this is the reason you will need to have fully equipped tools capable enough to not only make the task easy but also bring a new dimension into your browsing experience. No doubt, you are familiar with some iOS 13/12/11 device browsers but what everyone wants is almost the same 鈥 faster and efficient browser. These are the reasons you should keep in mind as you select your iOS 13/12/11 file browser. Let us look at 3 good ones you should not overlook.

The best File Browsers for iOS 13/12/11 Devices

1 iMyFone Umate Pro

Obviously, iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is the best iOS 13/12/11 file viewer for some reasons. This is a browser that enables you to browse your file stress-free. With Umate Pro, you can organize your files and documents quickly. Lots of iOS 13/12/11 devices' users love this file browser thanks largely to its quality efficiency that allows you transfer files from your PC to iPhone, iPad, etc. Besides, you have the freedom to browse any file, photo, video, and more with relative comfort.

Windows version Mac version

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2 Document 5

This is another iOS 13/12/11 file browser with some cool features. It is a multi-tasking file browser that is best suited for consumers and big enterprises. With Document 5, you can quickly edit your text files, annotate PDF files, and conduct other important tasks. Besides, it helps you save your favorite web pages to read them later. It can help protect any files or document with a password, and you can link to iCloud or Dropbox. No doubt, this file browser can make your task very simple.

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3 FileApp

FileApp is an effective browser for iOS 13/12/11 files and allows you to view and play multimedia contents. You can store iOS 13/12/11 files and folders on your device as well with this browser. With a built-in image editor, you can design your photos as you wish and share them on Twitter and Facebook.


The above are the top 3 iOS 13/12/11 file browsers, but you may be wondering which the best among them is. If so, let us compare few facts.

Both Document 5 and FileApp share some functions, and they both can be used to browse multimedia contents. You can create a password for protection, but you cannot protect your files from being accessed if anyone hacks your password. However, the first (Umate Pro) has lots of functions that make it be the idea file browser. Let us look at these.

Why Umate Pro Is The Best iOS 13/12/11 File Browser

  • iOS Files Preview: Umate Pro supports the preview of almost all iOS 13/12/11 devices. Some other browsers only work with certain iOS 13/12/11 device and not all, but Umate Pro performs the same function on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
  • Supports Junk Files: Junk files on your device are also supported by Umate Pro and can get rid of them lastingly if you just want to.
  • Delete Deleted Files: This is one of the best features of Umate Pro. If you have been frustrated by the recovery of your deleted files, Umate Pro will help solve this problem permanently by erasing those deleted files.
  • 1-Click Quick Scan: Easily scan your device with 1-Click mode and get your device functioning perfectly again.
  • Privacy Protection: Umate Pro helps protect your privacy in a way no other file browsers do. No one can gain access to what you have erased through recovery tools because Umate Pro is a powerful iOS 13/12/11 data eraser.
  • Various Erasing Modes: Erase All, Erase Deleted File, Erase Private File, and 1-Click cleanup are some erasing modes in Umate Pro that can be used differently for different purposes.
  • Windows version Mac version