One thing about iOS devices is that they have very good picture quality and as such it becomes attractive for taking photos. In most cases, this may lead to users take too much photos that end up consuming too much space and end up slowing down the iOS 13 device.

This is why you need an iOS photo manager to ensure that your device is not overrun with photos that end up eating up your iOS 13 storage space. Fortunately, there are quite a number of iOS photo managers that can help out, this article looks ta the best of them.

What Can iOS Photo Manager Do?

  1. Preview pictures - You can also preview pictures in the gallery using iOS 13 photo manager, which is convenient for viewing photos one by another. You can rotate, zoom, or crop your picture as well.
  2. Organize your photos - The main function of iOS photo manager is to help organize your digital photos and provide a pleasant view of them whenever you want to check your photos. The photo manager ensures that the photos do not take much space on your device by helping to edit them.
  3. Classify your photos - iOS photo manager enables you to classify your photos according to time, starting from the newest and in alphabetical order, which offers you a clear view on your photos. It helps classify all photos taken by your mobile phone, rather than copied by other ways.
  4. Protects your privacy - Everyone agreed that personal pictures belong to individual privacy. No one wants such photos to be casually seen by others. iOS photo manager for iOS 13 meets this requirement for privacy.

Top 3 iOS Photo Manager

1 iMyFone Umate Pro

The iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is regarded to be the best photo manager for iOS 13 users. It ensures that iOS users are able to manage their photo space in such a way that ensures that device performs optimally. It offers many powerful functions:

Windows version Mac version

iMyFone Photo Manager
  • Preview photos: Umate Pro can help you to preview your iPhone photos quickly, and you can select which you want to be managed.
  • Compress iPhone Photos: The compression can reclaim over 75% of iPhone photo storage space.
  • Export Photos: If you want to transfer iPhone/iPad photos to PC, then you can do it with Umate Pro in just several clicks.
  • Backup & Delete Photos: It is important to note that you will not lose your photos using the Umate Pro because it backs up all photos before compressing or deleting them from your iPhone.
  • Permanently Erase Private Photos: Umate Pro will help you to permanently erase photos to avoid privacy leak, both current photos and previously deleted photos are supported. The erased photo cannot be recovered by any data recovery tool.
  • Clearing up photo caches: Photo caches occupy a whole lot of space on your device and this requires cleaning for your device to function optimally.

2 Slidebox

This is a good iOS photo manager that can help you manage your iOS 13 device photos effectively. It is popular among iPad and iPhone users and it comes with good features that help your media browsing to work effectively. It works in such a way that sort files as well as create folders for the purpose of organizing photos.

photo manager for iPhone

3 Photo Album

The above is available for iPad and iPhone for photo management. It also comes with a useful photo editing tools and privacy features. You can always sort your photos in a clearly defined way and also secure them through the privacy features

manage iphone photos

Why Should We Permanently Erase Sensitive Photos from iPhone?

The truth is that everyone values privacy. Our sensitive photos should really not be in the public domain else it may be used against us. Besides, it is important to erase sensitive photos from iPhone permanently because we may decide to sell it off, donate it etc. If we do not permanently erase these sensitive photos, it can be recovered and this could endanger our privacy.

How to Use Umate Pro to Erase iOS Photos?

Step 1:Pick up your PC and install Umate Pro. Then use a cable to connect your iOS device to the PC.

Step 2:Go to "Erase Private Data" tab. After choosing the erase mode, your device will be scanned.

ios photo manager using steps

Step 3:Now you can preview all the photos shown in the interface and begin to erase your iOS photos.

best ios photo manager

No doubt, Umate Pro is the best iOS 13 photo manager with various features that will fit your specific needs.