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Top 3 History Eraser App for iPhone iOS 13

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Tata Davis

February 6, 2017 (Updated: June 19, 2020锛

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One thing about the iPhone is that it stores a lot of data of what you are doing. This is designed to help you navigate around things you do easily, like finding a visited website or calls you have missed. However, it also has its own disadvantage because someone may be seeing things that are private which they should not see therefore making a mess of your data privacy. Besides, storing history on your iPhone also eats up your storage space which may cause the device to lag or become sluggish. At this point, you will need a history eraser app for your iPhone in order to erase the history, free up space and keep your privacy protected.

3 History Eraser App for iPhone iOS 13

There are a lot of iPhone history eraser apps that can work on your iPhone but for the purpose of this article, we will look at top 3 of them.

1 iMyFone Umate Pro

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is number 1 when it comes to erasing history on your iPhone iOS 13. The Umate Pro is designed to protect your privacy and free up space on your iPhone which is what every iPhone user requires.

By freeing up space on your iPhone, Umate Pro ensures that you device works optimally which gives you more satisfaction. In fact, with the Umate Pro, your total security is guaranteed as it can erase all forms of history and the erased data cannot be recovered by any data recovery tool.

Windows version Mac version

While some apps may struggle to erase all histories, the Umate Pro is number 1 app capable of erasing all histories including call histories, whatsApp chat histories, Wechat Chat histories, safari histories and more. Besides, it can erase photos, videos, note and messages to ensure total security as well as freeing up storage space.

That is not even all, this history eraser app for iPhone iOS 13 is also capable of erasing previously deleted files that have remained accessible. What it does is to scan your device, identify all previously deleted files that are still accessible and erase them permanently leaving no chance of recovery.

history eraser app for iphone


Deleting files through normal means is not enough if your intention is to erase them permanently because they can be retrieved using data recovery tools and this endangers your data security. However, the Umate Pro can see these deleted files and erase them permanently so that it cannot be recovered even with the best of data recovery tools.

2 Safewiper iOS Data Eraser

This is an app that is capable of wiping out your history using 5 data erasing models in which you can choose from. It supports variety of file formats and they include video, photos, call history, contacts, email, cookies etc. This app is also designed to free up space as well as erase all private information very easily. Besides, it is also user friendly and can work for allophone models

3 Coolmuster iOS Eraser

This app is designed to help iPhone users and other iOS 13 devices to erase all history and all kinds of data. It is also efficient and it can clear all history including text messages, photos etc. It can also free up space on your device making it faster and better. Note that you may need to back up important files before erasing them because there is no chance of recovery once done.

Looking at the various history eraser apps for iPhone iOS 13 as listed above, it is important to understand that while all are good, they also have their limits and this is why they can be distinguished. However, comparing them thoroughly, it is important to note that the most recommended is the Umate Pro because it is top quality app that gives you everything you want.

How to Erase iPhone History Using iMyFone Umate Pro?

The app is easy to use with just follow the steps as seen below and you鈥檒l permanently erase your iPhone histories. Apart from giving you a total control of your data, it frees up space on iPhone helping iPhone to run optimally.

Step 1: Run the program and connect your iPhone to it.

Step 2: Choose any of the 鈥淓rase Private Data鈥 mode that is applicable to the task and scan your iPhone.

Step 3: After the scan finished, preview and select the data that you want to erase.

Step 4: Now click on the 鈥淓rase Now鈥 button to erase your iPhone histories permanently.

history eraser app for iphone

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