2 Ways to Transfer Video from iPad to Mac

Transferring videos from iPad to Mac is something most people do especially when there is no longer storage space on their iPad. Others may do it for any other reason, however whatever the case, this article will offer some guidance on how it can be done easily.

1 Transfer Videos / Movies from iPad to Mac with Image Capture

There are several reasons why you may want to transfer videos from iPad to Mac. Sometimes it may be either for a backup or even when further editing is required. Using image capture is one sure way that can transfer videos from iPad to Mac efficiently and easily. Check the steps below.

Step 1:Connect your iPad to Mac and Open Image Capture. Note that the image capture is pre-installed for all Mac computers.
Step 2:Select iPad on Image Capture.
Step 3:Select the video or movie.
Step 4:Select Target Folder
Step 5:Transfer the videos or movies

image capture

However, there are always some disadvantages when you transfer movies to Mac using the Image capture:

  • There is a problem of recognition of iPad devices on the Mac computer. Most users complain of difficulty for the Image capture in recognizing the device.
  • There is also a problem of Image Capture locking up the iPad after transferring some videos to Mac. It would require a re-boot most of the time.
  • It becomes difficult to transfer movies from iPad to Mac when you upgrade your device.

2 An Much Easier Way to Transfer Video from iPad to Mac

Transferring video from iPad to Mac is a simple process using the iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. In fact, it is an all in one solution that is designed for space saving and privacy protection. It is capable of cleaning any kind of iOS files which include messages, videos and photos. The good thing about the Umate Pro is that erased files have zero opportunity for restoration, which is a very big deal when it comes to privacy protection.

Mac version Windows version

The following is a step by step process to import video from iPad to mac.

Step 1:Connect your iPad to your Mac computer using a USB cable. Accept a prompt notification that confirms that you trust the computer.

connect ipad

Step 2:Go to the “Large Files” tab. And click “Scan”, so it will detect all videos on your iPad.

import video from ipad to mac

Step 3:Now you can preview you videos and select some or all of them to back up to your Mac. And the selected videos will be deleted from your iPad at the same time.

transfer video from ipad to mac

Step 4:After the deletion process having finished, click on “Open Backup Folder”, and you’ll see all the selected videos on your Mac. You have transferred your videos from iPad to Mac successfully.


The deleted videos won’t get off from your iPad at once, even though they are invisible, but they are still exist on your device before completely overwritten by new data, that’s why some user always wonder why iPad keeps saying storage almost full while it’s not. So to maximize your iPad storage, erase deleted files is necessary.

In addition, these normal deleted files can still be recovered by recovery software, so, if you have deleted some sensitive private files, to avoid privacy leak, you’d better erase them permanently before selling your iPad or sending it to repair.

iMyFone Umate Pro is one of the world’s most valuable solutions for space saving on iOS devices. It also gives the opportunity for users to keep your data private and 100% unrecoverable, data erased using the iMyFone Umate Pro cannot be recovered even with the best recovery tools.

With the help of Umate Pro, you can preview and selectively erase private files. To do this, the software scans your iPad, show both previously deleted files and current private files on your device. Next, you can preview these files and then erase anyone of your choice permanently.

Finally, the Umate Pro uses 4 erase modes to permanently and safely erase data. The choice to use any of the erase modes is entirely depending on the user. You can choose any erase mode that best solves your needs.

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