Where Is Parental Control on iPhone or iPad (iOS 12)?

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Hi iMyFone, I want to set up parental control on my children's iPhone and iPad. But after updating to iOS 12, I cannot find where iPhone parental control is. Can you help me? Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Where Is Parental Control on iPhone/iPad? How to Set up?

If you would like to block or limit some particular apps/features on your children's iPhone (iPad) or restrict settings for explicit purchases, sites, downloads, and contents, then you will need to first set up Screen Time on all your children's iOS devices.

Screen Time, introduced by Apple, is a robust system of control in iOS 12 that helps parents monitor and control how much time their children spend on their devices and what applications they access. It comes with amazing features like Family Sharing which allows you to view and control your children's Screen Time options as long as they are saved on your Family Sharing settings.

Here are the steps to set up Screen Time:

Settings > Screen Time > Continue > Turn on Screen Time > This is My Child's iPhone


Lear More about iOS 12 Screen Time

To help you use Screen Time easily, we're going to introduce some of the amazing features of Screen Time for Parental Control:


Downtime is a feature that allows you to set up daily schedules for the times you do not want to use your iOS device at all. Parents can use Downtime to set a precise period/time in which their children are allowed or disallowed from using their iPad or iPhone. There are times when your child shouldn't be using his/her phone- late at night, midnight, or during school hours, and other timings as you find appropriate.

Once activated, Downtime restricts usage of the device to only phone calls and any other apps you exempted from Downtime, or you can choose a less restraining feature that can allow your children to turn off Downtime by themselves or get 15minutes of more usage before another Downtime restriction reminder comes up. Either you want to turn on blocking so Downtime can prevent apps from being used altogether or use the non-blocking feature for more responsible children which lets you set up a reminder that apps shouldn't be used at certain times. When Downtime is on, all apps are grayed out with a little hourglass lock on each, letting the children know that they have reached time limit, only allowing certain apps like phone, in case of emergencies.


App Limits

App Limits helps you to keep your child's iDevice in check, so you get to control how much time they spend on social media, apps, and sites, so when that child nears their daily time limit, they get a notification letting them know how much time they have left to use the app, so they know how much time they have left to wrap up what they are doing on the app. As soon as the time is up, a blank screen covers the app, with a soft reminder that they have reached their daily usage.

With App Limit, you get to set restrictions for your preferred number of hours on All Apps & Categories, Social Media networking, Entertainment, Productivity, Education, Reading & Reference, Games, Health & Fitness, etc.

When your children reach this limit, they are unable to go further accessing these app categories except with express parental permission. These apps get locked with an hourglass sign and a password will be required to enable them to use more time. Like Downtime, you can also set less restrictive limits that serve majorly as just reminders.


Always Allowed Apps

When Downtime and App Limits are enabled, you can still get to set some specific apps to "Always Allowed," so your children can still access them even with Downtime and App Limits are on. Apple marks Phone, FaceTime, Messages, and Maps as always available by default, but parents can also select any app they want through the "Always Allowed" app interface, and this can be done under Settings >> Screen Time>> Always Allowed.

The "Always Allowed" feature is ideal in the event that you want your children to be able to access specific educational or communicational applications anytime, while other apps are left inaccessible.
Parents can also remove access to all apps- including Messages, and only the phone app is left available to the children in case of emergency.


Content Restrictions

Here is another feature that Apple has offered for parents to be able to limit their children's access to music, movies, apps, TV shows, and sites that are not appropriate for younger children. However, these parental controls are now under the Screen Time section of iPhone Settings app with the other Screen Time options.

Under the Content & Privacy Restrictions section of Screen Time on your children's iDevice, you can do other things like limit App Store purchases, disallow access to specific apps, prevent children from deleting apps, and set age restrictions on entertainment content.

You are also able to set privacy setting for everything ranging from location to advertising preferences, e.g., you can turn on Location Service and choose "Share My Location" if you want to make sure you have access to your child's location always. You also have options that prevent your children from changing their device passcode, limit volume, restrict account change and also turn on "Do Not Disturb While Driving" automatically.

Accessing Content & Privacy restrictions require that an adult set up a passcode for Content & Privacy passcode, and this prevents children from changing these settings.


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