Apple’s devices are much more complicated than they seem to be and for every other thing you have to use software like for sharing, transferring etc. But that’s not all. To recover deleted files you have to connect your device to your laptop and use a third-party software to help you get the deleted files.

What is iFonebox?

iFonebox is a software which is widely used in data recovery needs for iOS devices. This is an third-party software which you can install on your PC and run the recovery process. Now our iPhone has too many important things stored on it like contacts, notes, texts, photos etc. These are what the software can help you recover from the device itself, using the iCloud backup you can recover things like photo albums, videos etc. This software is really handy and easy to use, a must try software for data recovery needs.

The Features of iFonebox

iFonebox has a wide range of users mostly because the software has an easy to use interface and provides quick recovery of data in certain ways. If you accidently deleted the data on your iPhone or your iPhone is lost/stolen/broken, this software will help you restore and recover your iPhone’s important data onto your PC. The software typically allows you to restore texts, contacts, notes etc. in three different modes. And it can be easily downloaded from the net as well. Talk about compatibility, iFonebox works perfectly well on the latest Windows 10 and for the recently launched iPhone SE as well.

Alternative to iFonebox – iMyfone D-Back

Reading the above specifications might have excited you but we have got something even better than the iFonebox and the software is named iMyfone D-Back, or iMyfone D-Back for Mac.

Windows version Mac version

A Comparison between iFonebox and iMyfone D-Back

Both of the software are good in their own aspects but there are certain features which the iMyfone D-Back has and iFonebox lacks, let’s have an insight into those.

Guide and explanation: If you look at the iFonebox, you find it to be simple and clear software but it doesn’t have a detailed user guide which is very important as not all of us have used recovery software before. iMyfone D-back works well in this segment as it has comprehensive user guides for all of its recovery modes.

Recovery modes: iFonebox allows you to recover data in three modes, by connecting your iPhone, by iCloud backup and by iTunes backup whilst iMyfone adds another mode called the ‘Smart Recovery Mode’ which automatically does the recovery job and is best suited for people who have less knowledge about data recovery.

Recovery types: iMyfone D-Back support 20+ file types, including iPhone’s built-in apps (text messagesiMessagesphotos), third-party apps (Skype) and even some non-stream apps (WeChat and Kik). Whilst iFonebox is not so thoughtful to offer so many files’ recovery.

All the other features in both the software are quite common but these two are the features that make iMyfone D-Back stand out.

How to use the Smart Recovery Mode in iMyfone D-Back?

If you are new to the software and you don’t know much about data recovery than the Smart Recovery mode is made for you. Just a few simple steps will get you your data back.

Step 1: Download and install the iMyfone software and upon launching go to the Smart Recovery tab and click on start.

smart recovery

Step 2: You will have a list of apps and files to choose from you can either select all or the ones you want to restore.

select all from smart recovery

Step 3: You’ll be prompted to choose the reason how you lost the files and select the real reason as the scan progresses depending on the type chosen.

choose how you lost files

Step 4: Complete the scan and you will have your data in the interface for your preview. Check them and choose the ones you need.

preview from itunes

Step 5: And then click Recover to choose one folder as the recovery path for your lost data.

And Hooray! Your data are back without any hassle.

After reading the above paragraphs you can very well judge that iMyfone D-back/iMyfone D-Back for Mac is the most suitable and the best alternative for iFonebox and just a few bucks will help you recover lost data easily.

Windows version Mac version