The whole world loves iPhone and the number of iPhone users is significantly rising with every new launch. But handling an iPhone is not as easy as it seems, first of all you have to give some of your favorite features which include Bluetooth and music, photo sharing. Besides the usual sharing problem, iOS users face a big difficulty in adding music or videos to their devices and they have to use iTunes for that part. Android is much simpler even in a case of data recovery, you just have to download an app on the phone and that can take things further. But iOS requires software such as iSkysoft iPhone data recovery.

Using the Very Famous iSkysoft for Data Recovery on iOS

iSkysoft iPhone data recovery is a readily built software that allows you to recover data from your iOS devices as well as your iCloud backup including photos/videos/contacts/texts etc.


There are many added benefits in using this particular software like rather than recovering and restoring the whole backup (a thing what iTunes does) you can simply preview the files of whole backup and choose what you want to recover. Things that this software allows you to restore from the device itself are:

  • Whatsapp messages: Because you just can鈥檛 live without some important chats you had in the past.
  • Contacts: Lets be honest, you don鈥檛 just ram up everything you have in your contact list do you?
  • Call history: Had a few important calls from unknown numbers? No worries, this software will help you get them back.
  • Notes: Yes, many iPhone users, take notes on their iPhone itself and sometimes they are extremely important and in case you lose them here is your rescuer.

A Few Drawbacks of iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery

We don鈥檛 want to just stuff things in your mind and make you purchase this product being unbiased lets talk about the 鈥榠lls鈥 of this software. The first and foremost thing is that there are two versions one being the trial and second one the purchased. The trial version doesn鈥檛 have too much to offer and you may as well purchase the product directly. Second thing is that comparing other recovery software in the market the price of iSkysoft seems to be on a high end. The processing and working of this software is slower in comparison to others and it takes too much of your precious time.

An Alternative to iSkysoft鈥檚 Slow Processing - iMyfone D-Back

The software named iMyfone D-Back, or iMyfone D-Back for Mac, is an excellent alternative to iSkysoft iPhone data recovery because of various reasons. iMyfone D-Back is another data recovery software that allows you to restore your data from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with ease.

smart recovery

The software is available at a significantly low price and acts much better than other recovery software.

Windows version Mac version

Why iMyfone D-Back is Better than iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery

Four recovery modes:聽iMyfone D-Back typically allows you to restore data in four different modes namely Smart Recovery, Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iCloud Backup, Recover from iTunes Backup. But iSkysoft

Recover more types of file:聽It restores 22 types of data, such as text messages, photos, videos and more. However iSkysoft recovers only 17 types.

Faster recovery speed:聽iMyfone D-back is certainly faster than the iSkysoft 聽iPhone Data Recovery and it has a much better user-friendly interface compared to iSkysoft.

Support non-stream Apps:聽Moreover it provides you the recovery for WeChat and Kik as well which the iSkysoft fails to do. You see, iMyfone D-Back is also available for these less popular apps.

Better preview interface:聽iMyfone D-Back will display all the recoverable data for your preview. And you can check the date and specific content of data, which offers better user experience to users.

A short wrapup would be that both iSkysoft and iMyfone D-Back are impressive tools for data recovery for iOS devices, but if we have to choose a winner that would be iMyfone D-Back/iMyfone D-Back for Mac because of its low price, easy GUI and more features. Don鈥檛 forget to try it before purchase!

Windows version Mac version