Best iTunes Alternative for iPhone Data Recovery

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Large number of users are storing their backup on iTunes periodically and retrieve their lost data in case of iPhone data accidentally deleted, mobile theft/broken/damaged, lost data due to virus attack or iPhone has been locked due to forgotten iPhone password. Don’t know how to do recover iPhone data from iTunes backup? See the following procedures.

How to Use iTunes Backup to Recover iOS Data

You can restore backup to your iPhone any time from iTunes from past backup easily. So, Lets have a quick look to how to use iTunes to recover iOS data.

  • Turn off your device by holding sleep button until the power is off.
  • Make sure you have the latest update for iTunes installed on your PC or Mac. Connect your device using USB cable while continuing to press and hold the home button.
  • The Apple logo will appear, go to the recovery mode as shown on the screen. Then you can release the button.
  • iTunes will show automatically option to restore your backup. Choose restore from backup option and choose the backup file to restore from all lists of files.

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Even this is the most common method to recover lost iPhone data, there are some lacks which make the method less perfect and bring users some troubles. See whether these lacks bother you where you recover lost iPhone data from iTunes backup.

iTunes Disadvantages for iOS Data Recovery

Partly Data Cannot Be Recovered

To recover data through iTunes is not useful when we have accidentally deleted our photos or some part of data has been lost and we don’t want to retrieve all data.   Through iTunes, We have option to choose only backup file.

No Preview Available

We will not able to find option to select files or preview which files we want to retrieve.  Also they won’t confirm the data you need.

Slow Recovery Process

Many users have bad experience of speed while recovering data through iTunes for large files. To retrieve large data from iTunes takes few hours or even few days depending on the file types.

Overwrite Existing Data

Your existing data and settings will also be erased during restore.

iTunes Has an Invalid Signature

iTunes recovery option is invalid for all  users who haven’ t taken backup on iTunes and you cannot take update of it.  Also, we can not recover deleted files with this option.

So we have an good alternative – iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery for Win and iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery for Mac - to iTunes when users perform iPhone data recovery.

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What is iMyfone D-Back?

iMyfone D-Back is specially researched and developed to recover lost data for iOS Devices. It owns both Windows and Mac version for users using different OS. With user-friendly interface and simple design, iMyfone D-Back guarantee that user can use the program without confusion. It is compatible with almost all the iOS devices, such as iPhone 6s and the latest iPhone SE.

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We recommend you to use the alternative to iTunes as iMyfone D-Back data recovery surpasses iTunes data recovery. See the details why iMyfone D-Back is powerful than iTunes for iPhone data recovery.

iMyfone D-Back Advantages

  1. iMyfone D-Backup is an software that can restore the data from iOS which are broken, damaged, lost,locked due to virus attack or due to factory reset.
  2. By using the different modes like Smart Recovery, Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup you can retrieve your data even you don’t know where to start recovery.
  3. iMyfone D-Back can selectively recover your lost iPhone data instead of all the backup.
  4. You can also retrieve your data without overriding the existing data using iTunes backup and iCloud backup.
  5. It is capable to retrieve directly from the device, if you don’t have iCloud and iTunes backup file.
  6. You can get preview of recoverable files and confirm which files you will recover.

So now you may be wondering about extracting the data from iTunes backup then you need to use the third party which can solve your problem. But the software iMyfone D-Back/iMyfone D-Back for Mac will give you outstanding advantages that will exceeds your expectations and fulfill your requirements very quickly.

And what may surprise you is that iMyfone D-Back offers the free trial version for both Windows and Mac users to confirm whether their data can be detected. Download and try it now!

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