Does iCloud Backup Notes? How to View and Download Them

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The iOS Notes app is a very useful feature on your iOS device since it allows users to brainstorm easily. With the Notes app, you can keep track of all your thoughts and ideas and the ability to include photos and videos, makes the app even more useful. It is therefore very likely that you have very important notes on your device that you don’t want to lose.

1 Does iCloud Backup Notes?

Some people may wonder whether iCloud backup notes or not. The answer is yes. As long as your device is plugged in and connected with Wi-Fi and you have turned Note opition on in iCloud settings on your device.

Backing up the notes on iCloud is one way to ensure the safety of your important notes. With an iCloud backup, all you have to do in the event you do lose the notes is restore the backup and you can have your Notes back. The following text looks at how to backup Notes to iCloud and also provides you with an ingenious way to view and extract the Notes from the backup.

2 How to Backup Notes in iCloud

As long as you use iCloud as your preferred backup solution, your Notes should automatically backup to iCloud as long as the option has been enabled. To verify that it is, follow these very simple steps.

Step 1: On your iOS device, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and the turn on “iCloud Backup.”

Step 2: Within the iCloud menu, ensure that Notes is one of the items that has been enabled.

How to Backup Notes in iCloud

3 How to Check and Extract Notes from iCloud

You may want to ensure that all Notes have been included in the backup or you may want to extract some of the Notes to restore to your device in case of data loss. Restoring the entire iCloud backup just to get a few notes back is impractical since it could result in the loss of all data excluded from the backup. In this case, you need a tool that allows you to gain access to the iCloud backup and view and extract the Notes you need.

This tool is iMyFone D-Back or iMyFone D-Back for Mac and the following are some of the features that make it your best bet to extract Notes from an iCloud backup.

  • It is a powerful data recovery tool that can be used to recover up to 22 different types of data such as contacts, videos, messages, notes, voice memos, WhatsApp messages, Kik messages, Viber messages and more.
  • You can also use it to extract data from an iTunes backup or directly from an iOS device if you don’t have a backup.
  • It comes with a preview function that makes selective data recovery very easy.
  • It is fully compatible with the latest iOS 11.

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Follow these simple steps to use iMyFone D-Back to view and extract Notes from an iCloud backup file.

Step 1: Install the program to your computer and then launch it. Select “Recover from iCloud Backup” and then click “Start” to begin.

Select “Recover from iCloud Backup”

Step 2: Select “Notes” as the type of file you want to extract and then click “Next” to continue.

Select “Notes” as the type of file

Step 3: Sign in to your iCloud account and then select the relevant backup from the backup files listed in the next window. Click “Next” to allow the program to scan the backup file.

select the relevant backup

Step 4: From the results page, preview and select the Notes you want to extract and then click “Recover” to save them to your computer.

select the Notes you want to extract

Download the free trial version of iMyFone D-Back or iMyFone D-Back for Mac to view and access your iCloud backup file.

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