Does iTunes Backup Messages?

iTunes from Apple is a single platform for all your needs. You can back up the device, restore a device back to a particular date, and buy apps from the store. Among the significant activity of creating a backup file, iTunes collects everything from the device, including your messages. Text messages and notes contain sensitive information. Therefore, it is vital to creating a backup of these on your computer so that you can obtain easy access to them should you need at any time.

1 How To Restore Messages From iTunes To iPhone

The opportunity of creating a backup file using iTunes is that you can restore your device easily with a single click. The following steps help you restore your messages on your iPhone using iTunes.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2: Start the iTunes application. If a message asks for a passcode or Trust This Computer, then follow the onscreen steps. If you forgot the passcode, seek help from Apple.

Step 3: After your device appears in iTunes, select the same and press the summary tab to the left.

Step 4: From the right side of the screen, under the Backups section, choose 鈥Restore Backup.鈥

Step 5: From the available list of backups, pick a relevant file that is recent.

Step 6: Press 鈥Restore鈥 to begin the process. Wait until the process is complete.

restore messages from iTunes to iPhone

Do not disconnect the device. After the phone restarts, allow it to synchronize with your computer.

The above process will restore your messages. However, you will be losing all the other data that you stored on the device after the last backup. We will introduce a tool in the following text, which enables you to preview and recover data from the unreadable iTunes backup selectively.

2 Selectively Extract Messages From iTunes Backup

It will be wonderful if you could just get back only the messages without having to restore the device to a previous backup. Well, iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery does that job for you. With the help of the application, you can recover all the messages without having to reinstall a backup!

iMyfone D-Back is data recovery tool built for iDevices. The application works flawlessly and assists you in the recovery of data from your device in quick steps. The following are the important features of the application:

iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery

  • Extract contacts, photos, messages, notes, videos, voice memos and more files from iTunes backup or iCloud backup file;
  • Recover lost/deleted files from iPhone without backup;
  • You can see the recoverable files in the preview window so that you can pick only the needed ones;
  • You can connect any model of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch;
  • You can even repair your iOS without losing any data from issues like iPhone stuck in Apple logo, black screen etc.

Windows version Mac version


Steps to extract messages from iTunes backup using iMyfone D-Back

Step 1:聽Visit the website of iMyfone D-Back to download the trial version of the software for your Windows PC or Mac. Install the program by following the instructions.

Step 2:聽Launch the program from the desktop and choose the 鈥Recover from iTunes Backup鈥 tab from the primary interface of the application.

Recover from iTunes Backup

Step 3:聽Continue the process by pressing the 鈥Start鈥 button. You will see a new window opening up. You will notice different file formats for recovery. From the same window, choose 鈥Message鈥 as the recovery option.

choose 鈥淢essage鈥 as the recovery option

Step 4:聽Press the 鈥Next鈥 button at the bottom to allow the application to scan for the available backup files in iTunes. After completion, you will see the list of the backup files in a new window. Choose the most relevant backup file and press the 鈥Scan鈥 button to begin scanning the file for messages.

Choose the most relevant itunes backup file

Step 5:聽You will be able to see the entire messages contained in the selected backup file in the preview screen of iMyfone D-Back. From the same window, you can pick the important messages that you would like to view or transfer to your computer. After completing the selection, press the 鈥淩ecover鈥 button.

preview and extract messages from itunes backup

Step 6:聽iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery will ask you to mention the location where you like to save the data. Navigate to the path and allow the program to complete the process.

Windows version Mac version