Does iTunes Backup Photos? How To Extract?

The handy iPhone is giving a plethora of options to shoot photos everywhere and at any time. One can even record important moments such as a live concert, a birthday party, or a lovely trip with the loved ones. Apple gives you the opportunity to backup data due iTunes. However, you cannot restore selectively from iTunes. Restoring from iTunes will erase all your existing content on the device. However we will explain if iTunes will make backup of the photos and how to fully restore data from iTunes to iPhone and how to selectively extract photos from iTunes backup file.

Does iTunes backup photos?

If you are a fresh entrant to the world of Apple and its ecosystem, then the only thing that you would be using for everything is iTunes. Whether you would like to transfer the music, synchronize files, or create a backup, you would be spending a lot of time with iTunes. If you are creating a backup using iTunes, the one question that comes to your mind is whether the backup contains even the photos. Fortunately, iTunes does backup the photos on your phone, which you can recover the later stages whenever you need them.

What kind of photos does iTunes store?

Unfortunately, iTunes stores only the photos present in the camera roll. For all other images stored in the device, you need to use a backup tool to create a backup of your system. You can then, later on, use the same tool to transfer them to the device.

1 How To Restore Photos From iTunes To iPhone

Step 1: Establish iPhone connection to the computer, and launch iTunes.

Step 2: Click the iPhone icon in iTunes.

Step 3: Choose “Restore Backup” option.

Step 4: From the right-hand side of the screen, press “Restore Backup” button.

Step 5: From the displayed backup files, choose the one from which you want to restore your iPhone.

Step 6: Press “Restore” and wait for the process to complete. Once done, your iPhone will have all the photos that you wanted.

restore photos from iTunes to iPhone

2 Selectively Restore Photos From iTunes Backup Via iMyFone D-Back

iMyFone D-Back iPhone data extractor Win or iMyFone D-Back iPhone data extractor Mac gives you the opportunity to restore iTunes data selectively. The application functions efficiently in recognizing different file formats, so that, you can easily choose the important files or data from your iPhone and extract them to your desktop. The outstanding features of the program are:

imyfone d-back iphone data recovery

iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Extractor

  • Recognizes and supports over 22 various file extensions;
  • Uses latest recovery technologies to retrieve every last file on the device;
  • Displays the extractable data in the preview window so that one can select the necessary files;
  • Repairs iOS and fixes various problems related to it without losing data.

download-win download-mac

Steps to restore photos from iTunes backup file

Step 1: Visit the official website of iMyFone D-Back to download the trial variant of the software for your Mac or Windows. Continue with the installation by observing the onscreen guidelines.

Step 2: Start the application by double-clicking the icon from the desktop. From the left side of the interface, choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” tab.

choose Recover from iTunes Backup tab

Step 3: By pressing the “Start” button, a new window opens up asking you to check the file form that you wish to recover. Here, you have to choose “Photo” as the option.

choose Photo as the option

Step 4: After selecting the options, press the “Next” button to begin scanning for the available iTunes backup files. From the displayed backup files, choose the recent backup file or the one from which you want to recover the photos. After selecting, press “Scan” button to start the scan.

choose the recent backup file

Step 5: iMyFone D-Back shows all the extractable photos from the selected backup file. It is here that you can tick-mark selective photos or choose everything. Once completed, press the “Recover” button at the bottom.

preview photos in itunes backup

Step 6: A small message window opens up asking you to mention the path where you would like to save the data. Specify the recovery path and allow the program to complete the process.

You can now download the trail version of the iMyFone's iPhone data extractor Windows version or iMyFone's iPhone data extractor Mac version by clicking the following green button.

Windows version Mac version

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