How to Extract iCloud Backup

Technology has bid adieu to paper and pen, where you used to note down the contacts, addresses, and other important notes. You can now store all the details at the touch of the button on your iPhone. Additionally, Apple gives you the chance to backup files from your device. However, the same technology also deletes the content at the touch of a button. When you delete something accidentally or lost data due to virus attack or an update, you may need to extract a specific data from iCloud Backup instead of using reset and restore function to erase all the data on your iPhone.

Extracting iCloud backup is quite easy. However, you should note that you cannot access the files present in it, and the only way to know what you lost or deleted accidentally is by restoring the content onto the device. That is insane, considering that, you know what you lost and what you need. It is here that you seek the assistance of recovery tools. These tools are capable of extracting data from your iPhone and other iDevices. iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery or iPhone data recovery for Mac is one such tool that is efficient in extracting data from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Additionally, it also helps in creating a backup so that you can access it any time that you need.

Main Features of iMyfone D-Back

Many programs offer the recovery service. However, iMyfone D-Back stands apart from the crowd due to its features that are worth every penny that you spend. Provided are the features of the application:

  1. You can recover any file from the backup as it supports over 22 different file formats.
  2. Based on the details how you lost the data, the program selects an auto recovery mode to assure that you receive what you are looking for without causing any trouble to the present data and settings.
  3. You can see all the recoverable records before you begin the recovery process.
  4. The program supports all the models of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Windows version Mac version

You can also receive additional features, based on the version you have selected. For instance, if you purchase a license then you will receive lifetime updates to the program.

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Steps to Extract iCloud Backup using iMyfone D-Back

Step 1: You can download the trial version by visiting the official website. Choose your preferred system (Mac or PC). Complete the installation process by beginning the process and following the on-screen instructions. Once done, launch the program. From the main screen of the software package, click the “Recover from iCloud Backup” option. Press the “Start” button at the bottom of the display and begin selecting the files that you require.

Recover from iCloud Backup

Step 2: iMyfone D-Back will ask for your iCloud account details. Provide the details so that the software is capable of logging and checking for the available backup files. Once it scans, it will display the files in the interface. You can then select the backup from that you wish to recover the data. You will also notice the date and size of the backup file. Choose the preferred backup file and click the “Next” button to allow the program to begin downloading the files from the backup.

download icloud backup file

Step 3: The results of the files will be available on the interface of the program after it completes the download of the backup file. From the list, you can see all the recoverable files. You can even view only deleted files by choosing “Only display deleted files” option. From the list, preview the files that you would like to recover. Mark all those you require and press the “Recover” button to retrieve the data.

perview and extract icloud backup

Step 4: iMyfone D-Back will ask you to select a destination folder to save the recovered files. You can select a folder or create a new one. Once selected, allow the program to complete the recovery process. After completion, you can surf the folder to see the recovered files.

In the information age, losing any file or even a contact can make you feel anxious and troubled. Although you create a backup to iCloud, retrieving the entire backup file for a single file is not an effective solution. With the help of iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery or iPhone data recovery for Mac, you will be capable of recovering only those that you need such as calendarcontactsmessagesnotes but not the entire file and that too in a few simple steps.

Windows version Mac version

  • Jan-Pierre

    If I have more than one iCloud backup in my iCloud account, how I know which one include the data i need? Merci….

    • iMyfone D-Back will list all the backups under the iCloud account, and you can choose the exact one according to the date, device name and iOS version.

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