How to Extract Text Messages from iPhone

Backups are undeniably great ways to get some insurance in case of accidental data loss, in the event that you lose your phone or when you just want to reset your phone. You would surely not fancy a scenario where by you lose those coveted messages with no backup! That would be very tragic, right? Thankfully, you do not have to lose sleep anymore as there is an insurance policy around this. If you are an iPhone user then you should be familiar with some cool ways to back up your messages and data thanks to Apple’s after-sale services. Talk of being able to choose between using iTunes or iCloud backup depending on your preferences. So, you have backed up the messages on an iOS device, iTunes or iCloud but do you extract them back? This article takes you through one very simple yet perfect in extracting text messages from iphone.

What will you need?

Well, you will need a computer running windows or mac and powerful backup recovery software able to scan your iTunes/iCloud backup location. There are a lot of software tools that preach robustness but deliver nothing near what’s on their menu. In other words, you would rather go for a premium tool that has a proven track record. One of the tool that has been tested and proven in the realm of quality in IOS device, iCloud or iTunes backup recovery is iMyfone D-Back iPhone data extractor or iMyfone D-Back iPhone extractor for Mac.

iMyfone D-Back Features

The main reason for picking this tool over other contenders in the rest of the packis in its array of enticing features:

  • It has a sleek, easy to use interface
  • It supports backup and recovery of not only messages but other 20+ file types
  • It is relatively affordable
  • It uses sophisticated scanning algorithms making backup, extraction and recovery fast and efficient.

Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg as there are more to salivate for in the tool. Let’s now move on to core part of extracting your coveted messages.

Steps to extract text messages from iPhone

Step 1: Download and Install iMyfone D-Back

You will have to download and install the software on your computer. You can download the free trial to test the functionalities before making a full purchase. Ensure that you pick the right set up for your OS(Mac/Windows). After downloading, install the software and run it. This should be smooth and fast and the home interface should look one in the image if your installation is clean:

Windows version Mac version

Step 2: Select Recovery mode

The next step is to select the recovery mode depending on if you want to recover your messages from iOS Device, iCloud or iTunes. Choose any of these options: Recover from iCloud, Recover from IOS Device and Recover from iTunes.


Remember that you will need to connect the backup device if you wish to recover from iOS device. After selecting your desired mode on the left pane of the user interface, click on Start to choose the text messages as the file you want to extract. After a moment, you will see a backup file (or files if you have more than one backup files in the location)


Step 3: Scan and Preview

Select the backup file you wish to recover your messages from and click on Next or Scan at the bottom right of the window (depending on the recovery mode you picked).


Step 4: Recover and Finish

The scan process will take some time and on completion, you should see all the files in the backup location. Your files will be categorized into sections. The first section titled Messages & Call Log contains all the messages in the backup file. Just click on the messages you want extracted and finish by hitting the Recover button at the bottom right of the window (Uncheck the files you do not need). You will be prompted to choose the path to store the extracted messages.


Thumbs up, you have crossed the finishing line! Just keep in mind that the technique flows smoothly with unencrypted backup files. You might need to enter the password before scanning if you have encrypted the backup files. Try iMyfone D-Back iPhone data extractor or iMyfone D-Back iPhone extractor for Mac to extract iphone messages!

Windows version Mac version

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