A frozen iPad carries no value to it even though you bought it by spending a few hundred dollars. It is quite bothersome that an expensive device like iPad stuck at Apple logo during certain operations, especially after the iPadOS 14 update. It is quite common for any want to visit the center to rectify the issue. However, quite a few home solutions solve the problem with ease.

If you are facing such an issue, continue to read ahead as we provide you with options that will fix the iPad stuck at Apple logo.

1 Hard Reset iPad

If your iPad is not responding, then restarting the device and force quitting an application will be of help. To force quit an application, hold the sleep wake button until the logo appears on the screen. Then press the home switch for a few seconds or until an application quits automatically. Hard resetting an iPad is the last resort if turning the device off and on did not solve the issue. To hard reset and iPad, you have to press the home and wake button at the same time for a minimum of 10 seconds. You can release them once you notice the logo appear on the screen.

 Hard Reset iPad

2 Fix iPad Stuck at Apple Logo Issue without Data Loss (iPadOS 14 Supported)

iMyfone Fixppo is a recovery utility tool for the Apple devices. The application is capable of fixing faults in the iPadOS system such as black screen, white screen, iPad stuck at Apple logo without the need of restoring the device to the factory settings. Due to this, there will be no data loss and users can restart the device in its normal state.

Windows version Mac version

Steps to Fix iPad Stuck at Apple Logo Issue Using iMyfone Fixppo

Step 1: Download iMyfone Fixppo for Windows or Mac. Install it and launch the program.

iMyfone iOS System Recovery interface

Step 2: Hit the start button and connect the iPad to the computer. The application will identify the presence of the device. Once done, it will prompt that there is a need to fix the operating system. Click the start button to begin the process.

 Click start button to begin the process

Step 3: Fixing the iPad requires reinstalling the latest iPadOS 14 firmware. iMyfone Fixppo will recognize the model of the iPad, its version, and suggests the suitable firmware automatically. You just require hitting the download button.

download suitable firmware

Step 4: After downloading the firmware, the program will begin fixing the errors in the iPad operating system.

fix ipad stuck at apple logo

Step 5: After completing the repair, your iPad will restart in its normal state.

fixing is finished

Windows version Mac version

3 Use iTunes to Restore iPad to Factory Settings

Restoring the iPad to factory settings with the help of iTunes will also be helpful in solving the issue that you are facing currently with the device. However, the process will wipe everything. Therefore, ensure that choosing the step is the last resort that you are planning to do to solve the issue.

Step 1: Establish a connection between the system and iPad, and launch iTunes.

Step 2: The connected iPad will appear under the device tab on the left side of the screen. Make certain that you are selecting the name of the iPad.

Step 3: Click the restore button as shown in the below picture.

Step 4: iTunes will ask you to backup the device. It is preferable to take a backup.

Step 5: iTunes will once again confirm for restoring the iPad to the factory settings. Choose “restore iPhone ” button.

Step 6: Wait until the process is complete. iPad will reboot, and you need to set it as a new device.

Using iTunes to Restore  iPad to Factory Settings