Free Deleted Call Log Recovery for iPhone

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Have you ever deleted the call logs and realized the importance of it later? This is not a rare case for us. Even you never delete your call history, you may not find the call record you want because iPhone only save 100 call records for users. There are times when we have to re-check the number from which we got a missed call or to check the number that isn't already in our contact list to call that person again. Therefore, we are here to show you how you can make iPhone call log recovery in a free and efficient way. Scroll down and read carefully to recover deleted call log on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

1. Free Deleted Call Log Recovery for iPhone

When you are looking for the best way for deleted call log recovery tool, the best choice is iMyFone D-Back. Based on advanced technologies, this tool is out of question the best tool when it comes to recover call history.

  • It contains 4 recovery modes with the help of which you can retrieve your data from iCloud, iTunes backup, from iOS device directly and even you can use smart recovery when you have less technology knowledge.
  • It's been successful in gaining the trust by a great deal of users and hence we recommend this tool to you.
  • It doesn't just serve the purpose of iPhone call log recovery but effortlessly does the job to get your WhatsApp, WeChat, messages, notes, photos etc. back to you.

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Let's now understand how this reliable tool works for iPhone call log recovery. You can just download the free trial version now and follow the step by step tutorial to recover your call log now.

Recovery from iPhone Directly

Step 1 – Download the correct version of the program according to your operating system. Once done, install and open it to begin the process. Choose 'Recover from iOS Device' tab from the left panel and then click 'Start'.

Recover from iOS Device Tab

Step 2 – Take your lightening cable and make a connection between your iPhone and the PC using it. Hit on 'Next' and then you can choose the desired data from the next screen. In this case, pick out 'Call History'. Afterwards, click 'Scan' and your call logs will be scanned by the program.

select data types

Step 3 – In the last screen, you are allowed to preview your data that you selected in the previous step. You can choose to view only the deleted call history by clicking the drop-down button besides "Show all". Isn't it easy?

preview call history

Recover from iTunes or iCloud Backup without Restore

When having iCloud/iTunes backup, here's how you can perform deleted call log recovery via D-Back instead of restoring the backup file to your device.

Step 1 – Open the program and then click 'Recover from iTunes Backup'/'Recover from iCloud Backup' as per your needs. Hit on 'Start' thereafter.

Recover from iTunes

Step 2 – Choose the backup from the next screen and then click on 'Next'. In case of iCloud, firstly, sign in with your iCloud details and then start picking out the backup file that contains your call logs. Hit on 'Next'.

Select iTunes Backup

Step 3 – Choose 'Call History' from the next screen displaying the data types. Click 'Scan' to begin a deep scan of the selected data type.

select file types

Step 4 – In the end, you get the opportunity to preview your data. Just have a look on your call logs and make the deleted call log recovery possible by clicking on 'Recover'.

preview call history in iTunes backup

Windows version    Mac version

2. Another Free Way: Restore from iCloud/iTunes Backup

We are introducing you the other ways to recover your data from iCloud and iTunes backup. If you have iTunes or iCloud backup, you can also restore the backup to your device. Here is how you can do it.

Restore from iCloud Backup

In order to exercise iPhone call log recovery from iCloud backup, you need to setup your device once again. Therefore, for doing this, all you need to erase everything from your device i.e. perform factory reset in your device. Here are the steps:

Step 1 – open 'Settings' and go to 'General'. Tap 'Reset' followed by 'Erase All Contents and Settings'.

Erase all contents and settings

Step 2 – After when your device will undergo factory reset, it will reboot. On turning it on, go through the setup process and then from the 'Apps & Data' screen, tap 'Restore from iCloud Backup'.

Step 3 – It's time to sign in to iCloud account. Enter the necessary details and you will get the list of iCloud backup. Select the one you need and restore. The deleted call logs will be with you in a while.

restore iCloud backup

Restore from iTunes Backup

Step 1 – To initiate, launch iTunes and then connect your iPhone with the PC via a lightening cable. On the main interface of iTunes, click the device icon followed by 'Summary' tab.

Step 2 – Now, from the 'Backups' section, all you need is to click on 'Restore Backup' button. From the next pop-up window, choose the backup and the click 'Restore' lastly.

restore from iTunes backup

3. The Comparison of the Above Two Free Methods

iMyFone D-Back

iTunes/iCloud Backup

  • iCloud or iTunes backup is not necessary. You can recovery call log directly from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch if you don't have backup.
  • It will not erase overwrite the data on your device.
  • The steps to use it are very simple.
  • If you have no iTunes or iCloud backup, you will not be able to recover your call history through restore.
  • Erase or overwrite the data on your device.
  • iCloud or iTunes restore could fail for many reasons.
  • Compatibility problems may occur.
  • The steps are relatively complicated.