How to Get iPhone Contacts Back

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There is no doubt about the important roles iPhone contacts play for users. It is also obvious that making calls, sending text messages or emails to anyone is easier when the person is already in your contact list.

Nevertheless, one thing may happen that entire contacts on your iPhone will disappear into thin air. It can be that your daughter was just playing games with your iPhone without knowing when she accidentally deleted all contacts. It may also be that you upgraded your iPhone to higher version only for you to discover that your entire contacts are gone when the upgrades are completed. It can equally be that you drop your iPhone in water and contacts went missing. More so, you can mistakenly delete contact of your important client which will make you start thinking of “how do I get my contacts back on my iPhone”. Whichever is the case, the good news here is that there are more than one way to get contacts from iPhone!

There are several ways in which you can get contacts back on iPhone. And this article is going to focus on the three typical and effective methods which are through iTunes backup, iCloud backup and third party app.

How to get your contacts back on iPhone by iTunes Backup

One of the easiest ways on how to get back contacts on iPhone is to recover them from iPhone backup already created by iTunes. This is not difficult to do as what you simply need to do is to following the steps bellow:

how to get your contacts back on iPhone by iTunes backup

  • Connect your iPhone to PC
  • Run iTunes app
  • Click at device tab
  • Right-click on the iPhone icon in your PC
  • Select Restore Backup...
  • iTunes display iPhone name as well as recent available backup
  • Click on restore and your contact will get back to an iPhone.

But, this can only be useful when you backup your contacts before the incident occurs. If the incident occurs suddenly and you don’t backup your contacts, to get contacts from iPhone is still a problem.

How to get your contacts back on iPhone from iCloud backup

The second recognized way of restoring your contacts is from the iCloud backup. If your contacts have been synced with iCloud you can sign in and then recover them.

  • Go to settings > iCloud on your iPhone.
  • Turn off Contacts, you'll get a pop-up message at which time you need to press “Keep on My iPhone”.
  • Turn on the Contacts and tap on
  • It may take one minute or two but the contacts list should reappear.

And note that, if you don’t turn on Contacts in iCloud, this methods won’t work.

How to get contacts back on iPhone by third party tool

The third accepted method of getting contacts back on iPhone is by using third-party software. And one of the most highly recommended is iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery which has over 150 excellent reviews and also has a free trial which you can use to trial how the software works. And the trial version is available for use on a Windows PC or on a Mac.

Windows version Mac version

And how to use it to get your contacts back? Please refer the specific user guide.

Smart Recovery on how to get contacts back on iPhone

iMyfone D-Back recovery software for iPhone can not only get contacts back on iPhone, but other files include message and call logs, photo and video, WhatsApp history, memo and more quickly and easily.

select all from smart recovery

And here we must say that software of iMyfone provides efficient solutions for different problems you may have with your phone. It also has software to clean your iPhone space. And its software designed for phones is not just limited to iPhone, but also is available for android devices.

If you want all of your contacts list back, then you should use the recovery software available from iMyfone D-Back, the reviews of the software also works exactly as stated which is exactly what you want it to do. If your iPhone encounter some missing problem, now is the time to fix it with iMyfone D-Back.

Windows version Mac version


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