How to Extract Kik Messages from iPhone Backup

Regularly backing up the messages from the Kik application is necessary for iPhone users. It will help you save all the important conversations for further use. And it is quite common for iPhone users to make an iTunes or iCloud backup of the device over a period of time. This is a healthy habit, as a backup contains almost all the data on the device. However, the major drawback of the processes that it is impossible to view the third-party app data, for example, Kik messages within the created backup.

If you would like to extract the Kik messages from the created iTunes or iCloud backup, then you have to consider using the third-party application. Here we recommend a powerful iPhone data Extractor: iMyFone D-Port iPhone Backup Extractor.

Extract iPhone Kik Messages Using iPhone Backup Extractor

iMyFone D-Port is an application that excels in extracting content from iPhone or iPhone backup, including the Kik conversations or messages. The benefit of using the application is that it won't corrupt the device and it can extract only the Kik application data. The following are the other features of the software:

imyfone d-port

iMyFone D-Port iPhone Backup Extractor

  • Extract not only Kik messages, but also other 20 types of data such as messages, videos and much more;
  • Preview the extractable data to selectively export what you need;
  • It supports almost all the iOS devices running iOS 10/9/8/7, including the latest iOS 10.3.2.

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1 Extract Kik Messages from iTunes Backup Selectively

Step 1: From the primary screen of the program, choose "Extract from iTunes Backup" option.

choose extract kik from itunes backup

Step 2: Press "Start" to choose file types. After that, it will display the list of files in sequential order. You then have to select an appropriate backup file from which you would like to see your Kik messages and hit "Scan."

choose a itunes backup file

Step 3: iMyFone D-Port will display all the data, including Kik messages in its preview screen. You can then pick the conversations that you would like to save to your computer. After selection, click "Export" button.

extract kik messages from itunes backup

Step 4: iMyFone will prompt a message asking you to choose the destination path. Navigate to a folder on your computer and wait for the software to complete the process of extracting the files.

2 Extract Kik Messages from iCloud Backup Selectively

Step 1: Choose "Extract from iCloud Backup" from the primary window, and click "Start" button to choose the file types. You can choose Kik only, or choose all the file types.

choose extract kik from icloud backup

Step 2: You have to sign into the iCloud account.Please note iMyFone D-Port will not leak out your personal information.

sign in icloud account

Step 3: iMyFone D-Port will list the available iCloud backup files.

view and choose relevant icloud backup

Step 4: Choose relevant backup file and press Next to begin downloading the files. After completion, iMyFone D-Port will display the extractable messages in its preview window. You can select the preferable conversations and press the "Export" button.

preview Kik messages from iCloud

Step 5: Pick a destination on your hard disk and wait for iMyFone D-Port iPhone Backup Extractor to complete the process. You can then browse the folder to check the the Kik messages.

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