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Q: “A few days ago I took some important notes on my iPhone but when I checked my phone today, they were all gone. I stored those notes as they were important however, I tried several things but I couldn’t get my lost notes back. Can someone kindly tell me how to find lost notes on iPhone?”

Hundreds and thousands of users around the world are now accustomed to use the Notes app in their iPhone and it truly is wonderful when it comes to note taking, however, it is also very common that people needs help in finding deleted notes.  We will introduce two ways to find deleted iPhone notes, the first one being the general iTunes restore while the second one is a more smarter and quicker iPhone data recovery software.

1 Restore Notes from iTunes Backup

Step 1: Run your iTunes application and connect your phone after doing so.

Step 2: Wait patiently until your phone is connected and the application displays a phone icon within iTunes. Click the icon after it appears.

Step 3: Browse over to the “summary” section and click “Restore backup”. Select the backup entry too.

Step 4: While doing this procedure of restoring the notes, the iTunes will erase any existing data and settings in the phone.

Step 5: After the process is completed, your original notes will be recovered.

restore Notes using iTunes

2 Find Deleted iPhone Notes using iPhone Data Recovery Tool

If you’re not technical enough and find the aforementioned set of steps a little tedious to perform, or you didn't backup your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud previously, then don’t worry. You can always choose to use the iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery Win or iPhone data recovery Mac software tool to recover deleted notes on your iPhone. The phone recovery tool has numerous benefits for its users.

  • Supports find deleted notes from your previous iTunes and iCloud backup or even notes that have been lost without backup.
  • It supports over 22 file types such as notes, contacts, photos, text messages, messages from WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, voice memos and more.
  • The software tool also supports four recovery modes which enhance the chance of finding deleted data.
  • Preview the recoverable notes before before peforming recovery.
  • Compatible with nearly the entire family of Apple device including the new iPhone 7 and iPhone SE.

download-win download-mac

Steps to find deleted notes on iPhone:

1 Choose the Recovery Mode

You can choose "Recover from iOS Device" to recover notes directly from iPhone, or "Recover from iTunes Backup"/"Recover from iCloud Backup" to find deleted notes on iTunes or iCloud backup file.

Choose the Recovery Mode

2 Choose the File You Wish to Recover

Then select notes as the file you wish to recovery. You can also choose photos, videos, messages in the interface:

Choose the File You wish to recove

3 Scan your iPhone or iPhone Backup.

Connect your iPhone to the computer to let the software scan your device. If you have choosen "Recover from iTunes Backup", your local iTunes backup file will appear after selecting the file types. To find deleted notes from iCloud the user has to click start button after logging into the application. The application will then search for all your backup files in your iCloud account after you’ve logged in. Then select the iCloud back up you wish to recover your data from. Click the “Next” button on the subsequent screen on which it appears. The tool will begin downloading all your backup files immediately.

Scan your iPhone or iPhone Backup

4 Previewing and Recovery

The iMyfone D-Back has a very incredible interface and also displays all the search results very nicely on the screen for users to select the files in just clicks. Preview the file/files that you wish to recover and click “Recover”. Choose the location on your computer you want the files to download to and hit next. Wait patiently for a couple of minutes and the process will be completed and you and use all your notes again.

 Previewing and Recovery

In case you have made a backup of your file before, then all you have to do is to click on “Recover from iTunes/iCloud backup” tab from the splash screen of the software tool. You will then be asked to scan for the exact file type that you need a backup of. After the tool scans for the exact type of files the results will be displayed and the rest of the procedure is same as step 2 above.

Download the iMyfone D-Back iPhone data Recovery Win or iPhone data Recovery Mac to find your deleted notes on iPhone now!

Windows version Mac version

  • Marlin

    useful tips. found my deleted notes in my itunes backup. but i still have a doubt. why the time order of some notes is wrong after i recovered them?

    • iMyfone D-Back scraps your deleted data together from your iPhone, and we cannot promise that all the recovery are perfect. Sometimes, the time order might be wrong and we will try our best to improve the product and solve this problem.

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