How to Get iPhone out of Recovery Mode without iTunes

iTunes is an inbuilt media application on Mac computers that allows you to manage media, play media, organise and download media for your computer or iOS device.  With iTunes this incredible app you can use it to get your iPhone, iPad, or iPod out of recovery mode. However, this is not a frequently used method by iPhone user, since recovering iPhone with this iTunes may lead to loss of recently backup data. In some worst-case scenario, you may end up losing all your data on your iPhone if you had not done a backup of data. To avoid all uncertainty of data loss, we will show how you can get your iPhone out of recovery mode without iTunes using a third party app.

The Tool You Need: iMyFone iOS System Recovery

iMyFone iOS System Recovery software is an iOS application that fixes systems of iOS devices. It is a cross-platform recovery software that mends your iOS device when it is stuck Apple logo, stuck on DFU mode, white screen of death, irresponsive device or any even when your iPhone restarts continuously. Other key features of this iOS recovery system are;

  • With iMyFone iOS System recovery software you will be able to get your iOS out of recovery mode without losing data.
  • It is compatible with different iOS devices like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3, iPad Pro, The new iPad, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPod touch 4 iPod touch 5 and others.
  • It comes with a free trial version for both Mac and Windows version.

Windows version Mac version

How to Get iPhone out of Recovery Mode without iTunes

In this section we will now see how you can use this software to get your iPhone out of recovery mode without having to use iTunes. It is simple and fast.

Step 1. Download and Install iMyFone iOS System Recovery Software

Go to iMyFone iOS System Recovery official website and download either Mac or Windows version depending on the operating you are using.  After that install the program and launch it on your computer.

Step 2. Click on Fix iOS System

On the program home screen, click on “Fix iOS system” followed by start button. You will then be prompted to connect your iPhone that is stuck in Recovery mode to the computer via USB cable. Once the iPhone is detected click on “Start” button.

Click on Fix iOS System

Step 3. Download Firmware

Next you need to download a firmware for your iOS device. Worry not since this software is smart enough and will display a compatible firmware for your iPhone. So go ahead and click on “Download button. The firmware will then be downloaded immediately and you will be able to see the progress on the screen. Be patient unstill it is complete.

Download Firmware

Step 4. Fix Your iPhone

Now that the program has downloaded the firmware, it will then begin automatically to fix and repair you iPhone. As the program is fixing the iPhone it is important that it might take up to 10 minutes so you need to be patient. Also do not disconnect your iPhone until the progress is over.

Fix your iPhone

When you want to fix your iPhone that is irresponsive or stuck in recovery mode or DFU without losing data in it always use iMyFone iOS system Recovery software. It is safe and readily available for download. Also, it is easy to use and it is compatible with nearly all iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Windows version Mac version