How To Get Notes Back On iPhone

Q: “I took a lot of notes on my iPhone with the help of the notes app, however it was all gone after a week later. All the notes are deleted and gone. How do I get the notes back on my iPhone? I just updated my iPhone to iOS 11.” 

A very common scenario among iPhone users, getting lost notes is one issue that a lot of people face. There are quite a few strategies that one could employ in order to get the notes back on iPhone. One could either follow the long iTunes or iCloud restore procedure or you go for the easier iPhone data recovery tool. Whichever be the case; you can get you notes back for sure with any damage.

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Hundreds and thousands of users have asked the same question about notes disappearing and that they can’t find it anymore. The step to get notes back on iPhone is as follows:

Reset and Restore from iTunes/iCloud Backup

1. You have to choose whether you want to store your notes on the device ie iCloud or whether you prefer syncing it with your email account. The synchronising happen by default. In the setting option > Gmail, you can find that the option is toggled to ON.

2. One of your Gmail accounts will be linked to it. This ensures that the notes will not disappear if the toggle ON is for iCloud only.

3. In order to view the notes, you have to toggle the notes settings back to OFF for that specific email account and then it disappears from the Gmail app.

4. The notes will always appear as incoming and outgoing mail in Gmail. Incoming in to the notes folder and outgoing from the sent mail.

5. If you don’t sync your notes with your Gmail, your notes won’t disappear. Instead choose to keep them on iCloud. Ensure that all your Gmail or email accounts are toggled OFF in the setting option.

The aforementioned steps can be followed to restore notes from iTunes or iCloud easily.

Get iPhone Notes Back Using a Third-party Tool (iOS 11 Supported)

The iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery or iPhone data recovery for Mac is an excellent and powerful recovery tool that can be used to recover and backup files in case a user suffers damage to the device, stolen incidents or virus attacks or more. The tools are extremely easy to use and the interface is intuitively designed to ensure ease of use for all.

Some of the most important specifications of the iMyfone D-Back are:

imyfone d-back iphone data recovery

The Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

  • It supports almost all common iPods, iPads and iPhones.
  • Support to recover 22+ file types include messages, photos and videos, social contacts, memo and more.
  • Offer four recovery modes: recover from iOS device, recover from iTunes backup, recover from iCloud backup and smart recovery.
  • Allow you to preview and selectively recover the data.

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Steps to get notes back on iPhone are:

Following are the steps involved in the recovery of notes back to the iPhone if the notes you want are present in the backup file:

1 Choose a Recovery mode:

Choose the recovery mode from "recover from iOS device", "recover from iTunes backup", "recover from iCloud backup" and "smart recovery". We will take "Recover from iTunes Backup" an example in the following text.

Choose a Recovery mode 

2 Select File Types to Recover

Choose notes as the file you wish to recover in the coming window.

Select File Types to Recover 

3 Scan, Previewing and Recovery:

The app will find all the files that are backed up in your iTunes account. Choose which iTunes backup you wish to recover the data from. You then have to click next on the lower right corner. The software tool will then scan your backup file.

scan backup file 

One the scan in completed, the software tool then displays the search results very clearly on your interface for you to choose from. Choose the files you wish to recover and click “Recover”.Select the location you want the files to recover to and wait a few minutes for the process to be completed.

 Preview and Recover iphone notes

Download iMyfone D-Back iPhone data Recovery Win or iPhone data Recovery Mac (compatible with iOS 11) to get back your deleted notes now!

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