Apple ventured into the digital market with interesting gadgets. One among them is the iPod touch, which now allows users to store messages apart from music and video files. Losing text messages on your iPod touch has become a common issue for people who use iPod touch to receive and send messages. If you have accidentally deleted or lost some important messages on your iPod touch, keep reading on the article to know how to get them back.

Retrieve Deleted Messages on iPod touch via iMyfone D-Back

Assuming that you did not carry out further activity on the device, let us look out how you could use iMyfone D-Back iOS data recovery to recover the deleted messages on your iPod touch. The software is a recovery tool for iOS and help in pulling the maximum content from a damaged disk. An important point to state here is that it is capable of recovering the data irrespective of the reason that caused the loss of data in the first place. Useful features are:

  • Four distinctive methods to recover deleted messages on iPod touch: recover from iOS device, smart recovery, recover from iTunes backup and recovre from iCloud backup.
  • It supports to recover different types of file formats from iPhone, iPod, and iPad, such as notes, text messages, photos, videos, contacts, Kik/WhatsApp/Viber/WeChat messages.
  • It owns preview functionality of recoverable files.
  • Fix iOS system without losing any data.

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1 Retrieve Deleted Messages Directly from iPod touch

Step 1:聽You can try the software for free by downloading the trial version. Install the program on your computer. Start the software by clicking the icon, and from the primary window press 鈥淩ecover from iOS Device鈥 option. Move to the next step by pressing the Start button.

 Install the program on your computer

Step 2:聽In the new screen that appears, pick the file format that you want to recover. Choose messages as the option in this scenario and press next.

Choose messages as the option

Step 3:聽iMyfone D-Back will ask you to connect the device. Connect your iPod Touch to the computer. It will display the details after it identifies the device.

Connect your iPod Touch to the computer

Step 4:聽Press the Scan button to allow the program to search for the deleted messages. After completing the process, the software will show you the list of the recoverable messages from the device. You can select a message to view its content in the preview screen. Use this as the preferable method to pick the important messages from the iPod and mark the files in the checkboxes. Use the recovery button to save the files.

Retrieve Deleted Messages Directly from iPod touch

Step 5:聽The software will prompt you to choose the saving folder. You can use the tree structure from the right window to create a folder or pick an existing folder, and wait for the program to complete the recovery procedure.

2 Retrieve Deleted Messages from iTunes/iCloud Backup

If you have lately created a backup of your iPod, then you have a chance to retrieve all the messages using iMyfone D-Back.

Step 1:聽From the initial screen of the software, choose 鈥淩ecover from iTunes Backup鈥 or "Recover from iCloud Backup" option.

Recover Messages from iTunes/iCloud Backup

Step 2:聽To pick the file formats for recovery, click the start button from the main screen. After the new window appears, opt for messages.

pick the file formats for recovery

Step 3:聽Clicking the next button will grant the program to gain access to the backup files stored on your computer. iTunes stores the backup files within the system, which makes it easy for you to pick the recent backup. From the list, it will ask you to pick a recent or any other record to recover data. You'll need to login to your iCloud account first to download iCloud backup, if you choose to retrieve text messages from iCloud backup.

pick the recent backup

Step 4:聽Clicking the scan will allow the software to look for messages from the selected backup record. It will show the files after completing the scan. You can preview the message within the same window and check for the contents. Mark the files that are important and press the Recover button to retrieve them from the connected iPod Touch. When prompted, browse to an external storage system to save the messages.

preview the message

Download iMyfone D-Back iOS data recovery now to retrieve the text messages from your iPod touch.

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