How To Transfer Notes From iPhone To Computer

Q: “I have typed a lot of notes but wonder how to transfer it to my PC. Any comments. There are a lot of notes stored in my iPhone Notes App which I would like to get a backup off. How do I transfer of these notes to from my iPhone to my computer?”

I’m sure that most of us have come across this question at least ones over our many times of reading the Apple iPhone forums. It is a very common query that people or iPhone users are seeking an answer to. The process of transferring notes from iPhone to the computer whether it is a Mac or Windows one is slightly tricky, however, with the help of the D-Back Recovery tool by iMyfone, this entire process can be completed in a matter of 2 minutes.

Tool You'Need to Transfer Notes From iPhone to Computer

In all cases of data recovery and back up, the iMyfone D-Back iPhone data extractor Win/iPhone data extractor Mac is the perfect product to use. The iMyfone is an expert in extracting current data and recovering lost data in all circumstances from your devices whether it is the iPhone, iPad or even the iPod; you can extract the data to computer very easily. The interface of the application software is extremely intuitive, simple and ultimately straightforward. The interface has other several features and functionalities too that helps the user feel like a wizard while extracting or backing up the data.

The preview functionality offers a user to selectively choose the files that they wish to recover, transfer or backup. Reading notes, checking messages, viewing contacts are some of the features that come with the previewing functionality.

Windows version Mac version

Steps To Transfer Notes From iPhone To Computer:

In order to transfer notes from iPhone to computer, you can choose recover from iTunes/iCloud backup or recover from iOS device mode. The following is to be done if the user has backed up their file previously. However, if the user has not taken a backup of the file before, then they should choose recover from iOS device.    

1 Choosing and Scanning

You have to first choose the file from the iTunes back up and then scan it after choosing it. The user is required to click the “start” button which appears on the “Recover from iTunes backup” tab.

choose recover from itunes backup

After clicking start, you are needed to select the file types in the next menu.

choose recover from itunes backup

Then it will allow you to choose the perfect iTunes backup that best suits your needs. It will be the one you wish to recover the data from. Click the “Scan button” after having chosen that file type.

choose recover from itunes backup

2 Previewing and Transfering

As fascinating as it sounds, the iMyfone D-back allows users to preview their files before recovering or extracting from iTunes Backup. After you’ve clicked scan, the application lists out all the suitable file types that matches your file type criteria. The beautifully designed interface will display all of the files in a very organized manner. Select the exact ones that you need and click “Recover”.


Now try iMyfone D-Back iPhone data extractor Win/iPhone data extractor Mac to transfer notes from iPhone to computer!

Windows version Mac version

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