Recently, some iOS users meet a strange problem that their iPhone is deleting messages by itself! You're experiencing the same issue, right? Well, you've reached the right place. Today, we have tailored this post to roll out the most effective solutions to get rid of this annoying issue that iPhone deletes messages by itself. Let's uncover them.

1. How to Recover the Messages Deleted by iPhone Itself

1.1. Recover the Deleted Messages from iPhone

When you meet the problem of iPhone deleting messages by itself, it's time to place the faith on iMyFone D-Back. It is the most productive data recovery tool designed to help users to recover their deleted data effortlessly.

This tool can come to your rescue whether you wish to recover data from iTunes backup or iCloud backup, and the best part is when you have no backup at all, you can recover data directly from your device.

19 types of deleted data are supported by iMyFone D-Back, including not just messages, but also contacts, photos, notes, WhatsApp,WeChat, Kik, Line, and so on.

Allowing users to retrieve data that is lost under any circumstance, D-Back can be considered as the most responsible and efficient tool of its time.

Windows version    Mac version

Step 1: Launch the program in your system and hit the 'Recover from iOS Device' tab followed by selecting 'Start'. Now, connect your iOS device with the PC. Next up, when your iPhone will be detected, proceed ahead with clicking on 'Next' tab.

connect your device

Step 2: Tick-mark 'Messages' from the next screen to recover them. Click, 'scan' which will process to fetch back the selected data that went missing.

select data types

Step 3: Once, the scanning processes, the messages will be retraced back on program. You can now simply preview them and hit the 'Recover' tab once you're satisfied with previewing.

recover messages from iPhone

1.2. Restore Only Messages from iCloud or iTunes Backup

If you've made backup before, the best way to get your messages back when iPhone deletes messages by itself is by restoring only messages from the backup. For this iMyFone iTransor could be of real help, since it can efficiently assist you in restoring data flexibly i.e. you can restore only messages instead of restoring whole device backup unlike other methods like iTunes and iCloud. The tool never overwrites the other data and it is compatible with all iOS devices and versions. Follow the steps below to know how it works.

Windows version    Mac version

Step 1: Install iMyFone iTransor over your system. Tap on 'Restore Backup to Device' from the main interface. The following screen will showcase the list of available backups. Accordingly opt for the desired iCloud/iTunes backup file and click on 'Next' tab.


Step 2: Tap on 'Restore Partial Backup' option and from the prompted interface, tick on 'Messages'. Later, choose for the suitable method of 'Directly Restore' or 'Preview & Restore'. In case, you want to go for 'Preview & Restore', you would have the leverage of previewing messages before recovering.


Hit 'Restore' once previewed. However, the other method 'Directly Restore' will not allow user to preview files and will directly restore.


Step 3: On choosing the desired option, you need to pick out whether you want to 'Merge' the files or 'Replace' them from the dialogue box of iMyFone.


1.3. The Disadvantage of Restoring a Backup Using iTunes or iCloud

Of course you can also restore iPhone from an iTunes or iCloud backup that including the deleted messages in this case, but there are some drawbacks associated with it. Recovering your messages in this way will end up overwriting the existing data on your device while you use iTunes or iCloud backup. Also, when you take help of iCloud backup, the process requires active internet or it will hamper the process. Another demerit that comes with iTunes or iCloud is you can't get the benefit of previewing your data prior restoring as well as there's no option to restore your data selectively. You only have to restore a full iPhone backup.

iTunes or iCloud backup

2. Why iPhone Deletes Messages by Itself

Are you puzzled why your iMessages suddenly vanished even when you didn't delete them? First of all, you needn't to blame yourself as there are various other reasons behind this issue. For instance :

  • You've updated your iPhone and the release is having bugs thereby making you ended up deleting the messages.
  • The other possible reason can be that you may have tried to restore your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud backup.
  • If you have tried to sync your phone with iTunes or jailbreak your device, probably these are the culprits.
  • Many times, downgrading iOS is the reason too.

iPhone messages

3. Tips to Avoid Losing Messages & Stop iPhone Deleting Messages by Itself

3.1. Backup Messages Regularly using iTransor (Free)

One of the convenient tips to avoid message loss is backing up your messages so that you will not be influenced by any sort of frustrating scenarios like iPhone deleting messages by itself and you will be able to recover deleted data back easily. You can simply take help of iTransor for this as well since it is also a free iPhone backup tool. You can use it to make a full backup, or just backup messages, contacts, WhatsApp, and WeChat.Following steps will tell you how to use it to backup your iPhone.

Windows version    Mac version

Step 1: Download iTransor software and run it on your system. From the main interface, tap on 'Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud' available on the left side and then hit the 'Back up Device' on the center.


Step 2: Now get your iPhone and connect it with your system. Click on 'Select One or More Data Type(s)' followed by choosing 'Messages'. Hit on 'Backup' from the bottom screen and wait for notification for successful backup.


3.2. Set Messages to Be Kept Forever

You can also use these settings in order to avoid the all-of-a-sudden message erasure from your device. Want to know how? Just follow these 2 simple steps!

Step 1: First of all, visit 'Settings' from your iPhone. Then, click on 'Messages' from the available options.

Step 2: Now from the Messages option; navigate for 'Keep Messages' option followed by tapping on 'Forever'. Tada! This way, your can also avoid iPhone deleting messages itself.

keep messages forever