iPhone Dropped in Water? How to Save

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It is one of the most destructive things that can happen to your iPhone. When you accidentally drop the iPhone in water, it can be quite the panic-moment, not knowing what to do or even if your iPhone will ever be the same again. In this article we are going to look at some of the things you can do to try and save a water damaged iPhone. Follow the steps one by one and you may be lucky enough to get your iPhone back in working order.

Steps to Save a Water Damaged iPhone

Here’s what you should do to save a water damaged iPhone.

1 Get your iPhone out of water ASAP

Step 1: Get the iPhone out of the water as soon as you can. Don’t leave it in the water for more than the second it would take to get it out.

Get your iPhone out of  water ASAP

2 Power off your iPhone

Step 2: Power off the device and whatever you do, don’t attempt to power it back on to see if it works. This may damage the device further and short circuit the electrical parts of the device.

Power off your iPhone

3 Dry the iPhone as much as you can

Step 3: Try to dry the phone as much as you can. Get rid of some of the water by shaking the device and remove all the water on the surface of the device.

 Dry the iPhone as much as you can

4 Dry wet iPhone with DampRid

Step 4: find the nearest Hardware store that carries DampRid. Thus may not be easy without your iPhone but you can use a friend’s to find a local hardware store. It is your best bet right now.

Dry wet iPhone with DampRid

5 Don't dry wet iPhone with rice

Step 5: You’ve heard that uncooked rice can be of help when you want to dry out your iPhone. Well, there is a better option to uncooked rice that does the trick. Silica gel is a better option. If you are wondering what Silica Gel is, they are those little packets that come with some electronic components. If you can find them, they are a great way to soak up the moisture on your iPhone. Find as many as you can to cover your iPhone. You can buy them at a craft store or handbag shop.

Don't dry wet iPhone with rice

6 Dry wet iPhone with Silica Gel

Step 6: Rice Doesn’t help much. Contrary to popular belief, rice is actually not a great solution for drying out the soaked iPhone. When tested against other options such as Silica Gel and oatmeal, uncooked rice soaked up less water in 24 hours. Even a control sponge works better than uncooked rice. If you can get your hands on Silica gel, it is your best bet.

Dry wet iPhone with Silica Gel

7 Unscrew the bottom screws in the iPhone

Step 7: If you are fairly confident in DIY repairs, you can unscrew the bottom screws in the iPhone to access the interior of the device. You can do this by using a screwdriver head that you can find in some “iPhone repair kits” that you can purchase at many third-party accessory makers. It is not recommended you do this unless you’re sure you can pull it off. But it is one of the most effective ways to fix a water damaged iPhone.

Unscrew the bottom screws in the iPhone

Keep in mind that opening up the iPhone may void any warranty you have on your device so ensure that you know what you’re doing before you begin. Once you have opened the device, you can use a cloth to dry the interior. You may want to remove the battery before you begin just to avoid short-circuiting all the important parts.

We hope you are at least able to get your phone to dry. If not, you may want to consider buying the iPhone 7, we hear it is waterproof and therefore may save you from having these water-damaged iPhone panic moments.


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