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Notes is a simple but very handy app that is found in your iPhone. This app can let you create lists and note down important points in your everyday life. In simplest terms, iPhone Notes is an app that can replace physical sticky note or a piece of paper.

However, some iPhone users use this app even for professional purposes as well. With that said, what if you find your iPhone notes gone due to some reason? Does that mean you cannot ever get back the important notes you have taken down?


Luckily, there are some practical solutions to consider if your iPhone notes gone. With this article, we are going to learn the possible reasons for iPhone notes to be gone and the most practical solutions to get them back. Please read on. Here are the possible reasons for your iPhone notes to be disappeared.

  • If you have signed out from your email or removed it from your device
  • Notes deleted as a result of a failed system update
  • Accidental deletion
  • Malware attack

Q 1: Where did my iPhone notes go? 

All the data in your iPhone (including iPhone Notes) are saved in a special data base known as SQLite. If a note gets deleted somehow, that doesn’t mean that it is actually “gone forever”. Instead, the Note’s location will be changed. Which means, the deleted note actually sits there in your iPhone, but in a different location after the deletion. In a more specific way, the file stays on “Allocated” section before you delete it and it goes to “Unallocated” section after deleting it.

When you save a new bundle of data or install a new app on your iPhone, that data will be stored in “Unallocated” space. That means, the file that are already in this section will be overwritten by newly installed data.

As long as the deleted files are left untouched in “Unallocated” space without being overwritten, you can recover them using a third-party software. However, if those files were overwritten, the chances are absolutely minimal.

Q 2. Can I get my notes from iPhone if they are gone?

Let’s find out the possibility of getting back iPhone notes that are gone. If truth to be told, it is not impossible to recover deleted data. But your chances may vary depending on various circumstances. However, it is worth giving a try to recover instead of giving it up.

The chances of recovering the lost notes are greater if you don’t install new apps or save new notes to the phone. Basically, you need stop using the respective iPhone if you intend to recover deleted notes. If you read the previous paragraph (Q1) carefully, you should know that data becomes impossible to be recovered after being overwritten.

Option 1. Get Notes from iPhone Directly

Now, in this section of the article, we will explain how to get deleted notes directly from your device. To do this, you should use a reliable, safe and powerful tool like iMyFone D-Back.

  • It is a handy, innovative and powerful tool that can recover notes from iOS devices with no backup.
  • It can help you recover notes selectively or fully.
  • It will not affect your current data on device.
  • It offers free trial version for all users which allows you to view the recoverable notes first.
  • With the independently advanced technology, D-Back has the highest probability of recovering notes.
  • You don’t need to install it on your iPhone and that increased the chances of recovering data.
  • It works perfectly with all the iOS devices and iOS versions (including the latest).
  • It supports to recover more than 18 data types like contacts, call log, WhatsApp, voice memos and etc with ease.
  • It can recover notes from backups (iCloud and iTunes) as well.

Windows version    Mac version

How to Get Lost Notes from iPhone Directly When They are Gone

Let’s see how to use iMyFone D-Back when iPhone notes gone.

Step 1.Install D-Back on your computer and open it. Then, select the option “Recover from iOS Device” (as we are going to recover it from your iPhone). Then, click the button “Start”.

Recover from iOS Device Tab

Step 2.Get your iOS device connected to the same computer and wait for D-Back to recognize it. Then, press “Next”.

connect your device

Step 3.Specify the file type you intend to recover. In this case, you should select “Note” and click on scan.

select data types

Step 4.Once the scan is finished, you should see the recoverable notes on screen. You can click on the option “Show only the deleted files” to preview deleted notes only. Then, click on the specific files you need to recover and hit “Recover”. As the final step, select a folder to store the notes.

preview notes

Windows version    Mac version

Option 2. Get Notes from iPhone Backups

You can try recovering the disappeared notes from the phone backups you have created. That means, you can try retrieving data either from iCloud or iTunes backups. However, if you do it in the conventional way, it will affect the existing data. But if you don’t want to experience data loss and want to recover notes, you can use D-Back. For your reference, we reveal both the methods.

First, let’s see how to get notes back with your iTunes backup.

1. Restore whole iTunes backup including notes (data loss)

Please note that this method affects the existing data in your iOS device.

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer where you have the backups. 

Step 2. Connect the device to the same computer and trust it on the device. 

Step 3. Go to the option Restore Backup. 

Step 4. Select the most appropriate backup determining the size and data of the available backups.

Step 5. Once the device is restarted, please wait until it gets synced with the computer.

itunes backup

2. Get lost notes from iTunes backup with D-Back (no data loss)

Step 1. Open D-Back and choose “Start” under “Recover from iTunes Backup”.

Step 2. Locate the correct iTunes backup and hit “Next”.

Step 3. Select “Note” from the available options and hit “Scan”.

Step 4. At the completion of scan, you can select “Only show the deleted files” and select the files you need and click on “Recover”. Select a folder to store the recovered notes.

Recover Notes from Broken iPhone via iTunes Backup

In this next section, you can learn how to recover lost notes through iCloud backup.

3. Restore whole iCloud backup including notes (data loss)

This method also causes data loss on your device.

Step 1. Turn the device on. To restore the device, you should first erase everything on it including configuration settings.

Step 2. Then, go to the Apps & Data screen and select “Restore from iCloud Backup”.

Step 3. Sign into your iCloud account.

Step 4. Select the backup determining the date and size.

Step 5. When prompted, sign into your Apple ID account

Step 6. Wait until the progress bar gets filled.

Step 7. Complete the setup to enjoy the device.

restore from icloud backup

4. Get lost notes from iCloud backup with D-Back (no data loss)

Step 1. Open D-Back and select “Recover from iCloud Backup”. Then select “Start”.

Step 2. Provide the iCloud credentials and log in.

Step 3. Select the iCloud backup where your notes are stored and hit “Next”.

Step 4. Define the types of files (Notes) and hit “Scan”.

Step 5. Once the scan is completed, preview the files and identify what you need and hit “Recover”. Define a location to store the files.

Recover Notes from Broken iPhone via iCloud Backup

Reviews of D-Back and Official Ways

Here are the pros and cons associated with each method we have described above.

via D-Back
via iTunes
via iCloud
Selectively get back notes
Fully get back notes
Get back notes from iTunes backup
Get back notes from iCloud backup
Get back notes without restoring
No storage limitation
only 5GB free storage
not totally free, but with free trial version

Windows version    Mac version

4 Basic Tips before Recover iPhone Notes Gone

Apart from using iCloud/iTunes backups and iMyFone D-Back, there are some basic methods you can try to find missing notes particularly after an iPhone update. Please note that these tips may not always work, so here we just have a quick look at them.

Tip 1.Restart your iPhone

For iPhone X/ XS/XS Max/XR

  1. Press and hold Side button and any of the volume buttons. 
  2. Drag the appeared slider to turn it off.
  3. Press and hold the Side button once again to switch on the device. 

For iPhone 8 and earlier

  1. Press the side (or top) button and hold it to see the slider.
  2. Drag the slider and turn the device off. 
  3. Press the side button once again to turn the device on. 

restart iphone

Tip 2.Check your Mail Settings

  1. Go to Settings and select Mails.
  2. Tap on the primary account. 
  3. Check if the notes are synced or not and make sure turn it on.


Tip 3.Check the iCloud Sync Option

  1. Go to Settings app and select Notes.
  2. Go to Accounts and tap on the respective account to turn on the Notes.


Tip 4. Reinstall the Notes App on iPhone

  1. Go to App Store and look for Notes.
  2. Redownload the app.
  3. Once you are directed to iCloud, let it open up settings. 
  4. Turn on the Notes and return to the app to see the recovered notes.



We expect our valued readers to go through the methods carefully and select the most appropriate method. Also, we highly appreciate if you can leave us a comment about the overall experience with the method you have selected.

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