How to Recover Contacts from iTunes Backup

A backup is a file that has all your content stored in a duplicate form. That is, you are backing up all the content from your iPhone and saving it for future use. A backup file will be handy when you have lost data or when your iPhone stops functioning abruptly. With all the information available in the backup file, you do not have to worry when you lose some of the data. There is a chance that you might have deleted contacts, or lost a few during your software upgrade. You can easily recover the deleted or lost contacts if you have created a recent backup file.

With the help of a recovery tool, you will be able to restore contacts from iTunes backup within simple steps. The benefit of using these programs is that you can download only the files that you need. That means you do not have to download the complete backup file or an entire archive for a few needed files. You can selectively pick the ones that you need or even see only the deleted files. And you may need just the following three things to be ready before beginning to restore iPhone contacts from iTunes.

  1. Mac or PC
  2. Your iTunes backup
  3. iMyFone D-Back data recovery for Win or iMyFone D-Back data recovery for Mac

Windows version Mac version

As one recovery software application, iMyFone D-Back is proficient in extracting data from your iPhone, iTunes backup and iCloud backup without harming the current settings. The benefit of using the program is that you can perform selective recovery, that is, you can pick only the contacts that you need rather than downloading the entire backup file from iTunes. The following are the features that keep it ahead of other programs:

  • It is capable of recognizing over 22 different files extensions. Therefore, besides contacts, you can easily retrieve WhatsApp, photos and messages from your iPhone.
  • The intelligent recovery mode enables it to analyze the device, find the recoverable files, and choose an appropriate recovery mode automatically.
  • It will provide you the possibility to see what you lost along with the size in the preview window. You can then pick those that are valuable rather than downloading the entire backup.
  • It recognizes all the devices of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

How to restore contacts from iTunes backup files using iMyFone D-Back

Step 1: Install the software package after you downloaded the trial version from iMyFone official website. Run the software package, and from the primary screen, choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” tab. Click “Start” and select the files.


Step 2: Choose the file type you need to recover. And of course, here you should check “Contact” to restore iPhone contacts from iTunes. And if you want recover other files, multiple selection is available, too.


Step 3: The program will detect the available iTunes backup files for you and display them on the screen. From the available list, pick the one from which you would like to retrieve the contacts. You can see the backup file along with its name and time. After selecting the backup file, press the “Scan” button to begin the scanning process.


Step 4: After scanning, iMyFone D-Back will display the recoverable contacts from the backup file. You can preview them ahead and mark those that you need. You can even see only deleted contacts by choosing “Only Show Deleted Files” checkbox. After completion, hit the “Recover” button to restore iPhone contacts from iTunes.


Step 5: A window opens up asking you to choose the folder where you want to store the files. Choose one and them allow the program to restore only contacts from iTunes backup. and you can browse the folder after the process is complete.

Losing data is a scary experience, especially contacts in the past. But I guess now it will be much easier for you to recover contacts from iTunes backup. Just use iMyFone D-Back for Windows or iMyFone D-Back for Mac and follow the steps explained above to recover them in a few easy steps.

Windows version Mac version

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