Two Ways on How to Recover iPod Touch

The advent of iPod Touch inevitably means our over-dependence on them, and today iPod Touch has simply become indispensable for us. From sending work emails to keeping schedules, from navigating us through unknown paths to socializing on the go, we now have one device controlling and managing almost all our daily tasks for us.

Surely enough iPod Touch stores a large amount of our personal as well as professional data, and losing them could well send even the best of us on fits of rage and frustration. Pulling our hairs on end is we don’t know how to recover iPod Touch lost data. But here the tutorial will show two ways to make iPod data recovery.

Way 1. Recover Files from iPod by Entering Recovery Mode.

Knowing that users might just end up losing their data somehow, Apple has ingeniously put in a recovery mode that allows users to recover data from iPod Touch. You can recover your precious data by following a simple four-step process:

  • Turn off your iPod Touch by holding the sleep/wake button until the ‘slide to power off’ bar appears, and then swipe to the right to shut down your device.
  • Make sure you have the latest update of iTunes installed on your laptop, PC, or Mac, and then connect your iPad to it via a USB cable, while pressing and holding the Home button down.
  • Continue holding the Home button until the Apple logo appears followed by the Connect to iTunes screen. You can then release the home button.
  • iTunes will launch automatically, following which you can use it to recover and restore previously saved backup to your iPod Touch.

Putting your iPod Touch in recovery mode is, however, not always recommended and should only be used as a last resort. There is another, and better way could be done by means of a third-party iPod data recovery software that allows for a safe and easy recovery and restoration of lost data on iPod Touch.

Way 2. Perform Data Recovery for iPod by Third-party Recovery Tool

There are many such software available over the internet, but one which outshines and outperforms other recovery software isiMyfone D-Back iPod data recovery, or iMyfone D-Back iPod data recovery Mac.

Windows version Mac version

What Powerful Functions iMyfone D-Back Owns?

As a professional data recovery for iPod that supports recovery of over 22 file formats, while causing no damage to your existing data in the ensuing process, iMyfone D-Back provides the most comprehensive approach towards data recovery.

select all from smart recovery

It supports four different recovery modes to recover files from iPod that was lost under various conditions. According to the circumstances of your problem, you can choose among “Smart Recovery”, “Recover from iOS Device”, “Recover from iTunes Backup”, or “Recover from iCloud Backup”, with the recovery process in each of these modes being no more than a walk in the park.

choose data lost situation to recover data from ipod

How to Recover iPod Touch Data by iMyfone D-Back?

The easy and hassle-free process which it offers to iPod Touch users, along with a simple and straightforward interface makes iMyfone D-Back an invaluable recovery.

With iMyfone D-Back, you can easily recover your iPod Touch with a simple three step process of Search-Preview-Recover. Moreover, iMyfone D-Back lets you easily search and preview both image files (such as photos and videos) and word files (such as iMessages andWhatsApp messages) in detail so you can selectively choose the exact data you need, making the process a very simple and efficient one.

preview from ios

However careful you are with your iPod Touch, or any other device for that matter, misfortune does take its toll and you end up losing some or all of your important data. However, there are many ways through which you can recover that data back. But among all given options, the easy-to-use interface and simple three-step process of iMyfone D-Back, or iMyfone D-Back for Mac, makes it perhaps one of the best software to do data recovery for iPod Touch. And if you want, try the iPod data recovery tool for free now!

Windows version Mac version

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