I am writing this article to help the readers to restore iPad mini(and any iOS device model), who have lost their data due to any of the iOS device lost, damaged, broken, locked due to forgotten password or any other case of accidental data deleted or lost and want to recover data like text message, contacts and photos videos and more. By describing different methods of restoring iPad mini with the pros and cons, I am going to share my experience that I have faced while restoring iPad mini data for my friend Janie.

Recently before few days, I got a call from my friend Janie, She was literally crying as she lost some important data accidentally on iPad. She didn’t know how to restore data and had called me to help her to recover important data. I surfed over internet for few hours and found that many users like Janie were facing the same issues.

I found one solution on Apple website on its forum to recover data for disabled iPad 2. One of the user faced same issue and many users have provided solutions to restore iPad 2 for him.

Way 1 - Recover Data on iPad through iTunes

  1. Turn off iPad, launch iTunes latest version software on your laptop or computer.
  2. Plug iPad USB cable into the Computer, then hold home button and plug other end into iPad. Don’t release the home button till you see iTunes and plug picture on screen.
  3. Then Release home key. iTunes will detect iPad in recovery mode. Restore your backup before it can be used with iTunes.
  4. Finally, select Restore iPad options.

Way 2 - Recover data on iPad through iCloud

  1. Connect iPad mini with Wi-Fi network, and then tap on Settings à iCloud à Storage à Manage Storage à select restore from iCloud backup.
  2. Sign-in into iCloud.
  3.  Then tap on the device to see latest backup on iCloud. Select the latest backup and then restore it from iCloud.
  4. Make sure your iPad battery has been charged enough.
  5. Restore backup will take time depends on backup size and network speed.

Problem with iTunes and iCloud Backup

  1. Here, Janie hasn’t backup data on iTunes, so solution 1 is not useful to us.
  2. She has a week old backup on iCloud. Restore backup through iCloud or iTunes erase all existing data from iPad and restore with new data. She was not willing to lose her existing data. So, to restore iPad mini backup from iCloud is also not a feasible option for us.

Way 3 - Restore iPad Data with iMyfone D-Back

Finally, I came to know about third party software iMyfone D-Back through a forum which helped me and Janie to restore iPad mini/ iPad 2/iPad air and other models. iMyfone D-back helped us to find all lost data and provided options to restore those data. I found that this software has some excellent features those have amazed me a lot.

Windows version Mac version

  • We can restore iPad data with iMyfone D-Back in following circumstance.
  • iOS Device lost, damaged or broken
  • Our device has been locked due to a forgotten password.
  • Lost data due to virus attack on iOS Device
  • Lost data due to iPhone factory has been reset or iOS upgrade
  • We can restore data from iCloud or iTunes without overwriting existing data.
  • We can restore more than 22 plus file types like Photos, text Messages, Contacts, Videos and other third party software data like WhatsApp messages, WeChat history, Skype history, WhatsApp attachments, Skype attachments, Kik attachments, reminder, bookmarks, calendar, memo etc.

I was truly amazed with the capability of iMyfone D-Back iPad data recovery . Hope this article will help you to restore iPad data, also.