How to Restore Only Notes from iTunes Backup

Are you one among the many unfortunates who deleted their important notes accidentally? Or did you lose essential notes because of a recent upgrade or due to a virus attack? The reasons for loss of data could be anything. However, it is the process of recovering the data most critical. Apart from retrieving data from the device, you can also use a new iTunes Backup to restore the notes that you lost from your iOS device selectively. iTunes does not provide the chance to restore an iOS device with needed content, and additionally, it erases existing content before loading the data. Such a step does not help in healing the troubled situation but makes it further worse.

If you in search for an application that allows you to restore content selectively, an iTunes backup extractor such as iMyFone D-Back chould help. The recovery tool for iOS platform excels in its field and helps in retrieval of data from the phone, iTunes Backup, and iCloud Backup.

The Tool You Need - iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery

Extraction of data from an iOS device and iTunes or iCloud backup file is possible for iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery or iMyFone's iPhone data recovery for Mac. Using the application, users stand a chance to recover data with ease without losing any existing data. Unlike iTunes backup file restoration, you can choose the specific data you want to restore without erasing the content and settings on your iOS device.

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Comparison Between iTunes Restore and iMyFone D-Back

  1. You can restore only particular files such as contacts, messages, notes, media files, and documents using iMyFone D-Back without restoring and losing existing content from a device.
  2. iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery recognizes 22+ different types of files.
  3. With iTunes files, you can only see the restored content after completing the entire restore process. It will erase the present files on device. However, iMyFone D-Back allows you to preview the content of the file and move only the important ones rather than the entire data. The process saves time and helps in protecting existing content on the device.
  4. You can also use iMyFone D-Back to recover contents from iCloud backup or directly from iOS device.

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Guide to Restore Notes from iTunes Backup via iMyFone D-Back

Step 1: Finish installing the trial version of iMyFone D-Back, which you can get it from the official website. Once done, launch the program and from the main window, click “Recover from iTunes Backup” option.

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Step 2: Click Start, and from the next product screen, mark the file type that you wish to retrieve. In this case, you have to choose notes. Click Next.

choose the file format

Step 3: iMyFone D-Back will then display the available iTunes backup files. Pick up a recent backup file and press Scan to look for the selected files.

 display the available iTunes backup files

Step 4: iMyFone D-Back will then show all the extractable files in a new window. Here, you can select a file to see its content in the preview screen. Use this process to mark the essential notes rather than all the data. After marking the files for extraction, click the Recover button.

preview  notes from itunes

Step 5: Clicking the recover button will prompt a small dialog box, which will ask you to mention the saving path. Navigate to the folder, or create a new one and then press OK to allow iMyFone D-Back to extract and save notes. Wait for the application to end the process. You can check for the notes obtained from the iTunes backup by opening the saving folder.

With iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery for Win or iPhone data recovery for Mac offering you the chance to get back the needed data rather than restore the phone completely.

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