The ability to send and receive GIFs on your device has made messaging much more fun. But when you lose a GIF you wanted to share with someone, getting it back can be quite problematic. It is especially debilitating when you lose GIFs that were not included in a backup or for some reason you are unable to restore a backup. Restoring the backup may also not be a viable solution since a restore results in the loss of new data on the device.

If you don’t have a backup or you don’t want to restore the device to a backup, what are your options? As impossible as the situation may seem, you can still get your GIFs back using a reliable data recovery tool. Keep reading to find out what that data recovery tool is and how it can help.

The Best Way to Recover Missing GIFs from iPhone 7 in iOS 11 or iPhone 11 in iOS 13

One of the best data recovery tools to help you get back any missing data is iMyFone D-Back. There are a few reasons why D-Back is the only tool you should choose to get your GIFs back. One of those reasons is that it is easy to use and very dependable. It guarantees 100% recovery of all the missing data in a very short time. It is useful not just in the recovery of GIFs but also all other types of data including messages, videos, photos, WhatsApp chatsand others. It can also be used to extract data from an iTunes or iCloud backup which is ideal when you don’t want to restore the backup or are not in a position to do so.

Using it is simple, practical and effective as we shall see in the following tutorial. Before we begin download and install the program to your computer and then follow this tutorial. If you didn’t have a backup Recover from the iOS device directly. If you have a backup and don’t want to restore it, recover from iTunes or iCloud. You can download a free trial version to have a try.

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1. Recover Directly from the iOS Device

Use this recovery mode if you need don’t have a backup for you lost GIFs.

Step 1: Open iMyFone D-Back and from the main window, select “Recover from iOS Device.” Click “Start” to begin and from the resultant interface, select the type of data you want to recover. Since GIFs are essentially images, select “Photo” from the list and click “Next” to continue.

select a recovery mode

Step 2: You will be prompted to connect the iPhone to the computer. Use USB cables to do this and wait for the program to recognize the device. Click “Scan” once the device has been recognized.

click scan button

Step 3: Wait for the scanning process to be completed. It shouldn’t take too long. When it is complete, you should see all the photos on your device listed in the next window. Select the GIFs you would like to recover and then click “Recover” to save them to your computer.

preview the GIFs on your device

2. Recover from iTunes Backup

If you have a backup of the GIFs in iTunes, follow these simple steps to get them back.

Step 1: From the main window of the program, select “Recover from iTunes Backup” and then click “Start.” Once again, select the type of data you would like to recover, in this case “Photo” and then click “Next” to continue.

Recover from iTunes Backup

Step 2: the program will list all the iTunes backups available on that computer. Select the one containing the GIFs you want to recover and then click “Scan” to allow the program to analyze the backup file for the missing photos.

scan iTunes backup

Step 3: Once the program completes the analysis, you should see a list of all available Photos on the backup file including all the GIFs. Go through the list to select the missing GIFs. Click on an item to preview. Once you are happy with the selection, click “Recover” to save them to your computer.

preview the GIFs in the iTunes Backup

3. Recover from iCloud Backup

If the GIFs were included in an iCloud Backup, follow these simple steps to get them back.

Step 1: Select “Recover from iCloud Backup” from the main window and then click “Start” to begin the recovery process. In the next window, select “Photo” as the type of data you want to recover.

Recover from iCloud Backup

Step 2: The program will prompt you to sign in to your iCloud account. Once signed in, select the backup that contains the missing GIFs and then click “Next” and allow the program a few minutes to analyze the selected backup.

sign in to your iCloud account

Step 3: Once the process is complete, you will see a list of the photos in that backup displayed in the next page. Select the ones you would like to recover and then click “Recover” to save them to your computer.

preview GIFs in iCloud backup

Once the GIFs have been recovered successfully, you can now transfer them back to your device. It is however a good idea to always ensure you have a backup for all your data. Consider having a third backup on your computer for emergencies.

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