How to Retrieve Photos from iPhone Backup

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You love your photos so much that you do not want to lose them? You should backup them up as soon as you can! In fact, backups are a great way to save you phone’s photos and ensure that you are covered in case of damage or loss. One very common for iPhone users to backup their photos is to use iTunes. You might know how to backup the photos to a computer using iTunes but you may not be sure how to do the reverse of the process. In other words, how do you retrieve the iTunes photo backup when you need it? This article introduces you to one very easy and efficient way to do this.


First things first! Before you move forward you must have backed up your file on a computer using iTunes.  You will also need a very good iPhone data recovery software. In this case, we are going to use iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery or iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery for Mac for its robust array of features. The software is designed with a blend of great backend functionalities coupled by cool front specs to make easy for even the novice to recover lost files fast. By backend functionalities, think of sophisticated recovery algorithms that are capable of scanning your backup locations for virtually every file type. The software is also versatile in the sense that it can help you backup your files in a similar holistic manner. Enough of the sideshows now and let’s get back to retrieving you iPhone backup from iTunes. Did I mention that the software has made the recovery process more or less short click through events? You don’t believe it, judge it for yourself!

Windows version Mac version

How to use iMyfone D-Back to retrieve pictures from iPhone Backup

Step 1: Install the Software

If you don’t have the software installed, then you will need to download a free trial set up(purchase it to access full features) firstly. The beauty is that the vendor has both a mac and a windows version so you are free to choose depending on the platform your computer is running. You will then need to install the software on your computer and run it. If your installation was successful, you should get a window that looks like this one:

software interface

Step 2: Select Photos as the files to recover

Then you will need to select photos as the file you want to recover.

select files

Step 3: Select recover from iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup

The next step is to select “Recover from iTunes Backup” or “Recover from iCloud Backup” from the options on the left panel of the window. You will then click on “Start” button located in the center of the window

recover from iphone backup

On clicking start, a window showing your backup files will be generated. Select the backup files containing your photos then click Scan.

choose the backup file 

You may need to wait for a moment as the software scans your backup files. When the scan is complete, the tool will generate an interface containing all your files. You will just need to tick the box written photos in the Photos & Videos category (untick the rest), then finish by clicking recover.

retrieving photos from iphone backup

You will be prompted to select a folder path where your files will be recovered to (N.B: Do not forget this path). You can now take a break and maybe prepare a cup of coffee as your photos are delivered safely back to you. The recovery time varies depending on the total size of the photos you have backed up in your iTunes file.

Final Remarks:

This is perhaps one, if not the simplest ways to get your photos back to your iPhone from an iTunes backup or iCloud Backup using iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery or iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery for Mac. Just in case you haven’t backed up your photos, you can also leverage the tool in doing so.  Why wait till it’s too late and end up regretting not storing your photos in a safe place? After all, prevention is always better than cure!

Windows version Mac version

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    it is a good way to recover photos from itunes backup instead of restoring them all.

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