How to Save Notes from iPhone to Win/Mac Computer

Q: “I’m unable to figure out the procedure involved in saving notes from my iPhone to my computer. I have a Macintosh system. I’m able to get the contacts but not able to save the notes from the iPhone. My wife isn’t able to save her notes either. Can anyone help us in this regard?

We often take down a lot of important notes in our iPhones, but sometimes due to some unfortunate incident we either lose, damage or spoil our iPhones such that the damage is irreversible. Thus the aforementioned question about how to save the notes from iPhone to a computer pretty common an issue is faced by a lot of iPhone users. I’ll try to solve this mystery by answer the question. The best way to tackle this problem is to use iMyfone D-Back solution.

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Tool We'll Use - iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Extractor

iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Extractor or iPhone Data Extractor for Mac is a utility application that helps users safeguard their data on their iPhones by enabling them to either take a backup perhaps recover the files in its entirely. No matter what the tough situation that you’re in, the iMyfone D-Back solution will always stand up to your needs. So, now you can get back or recover all of your lost data without having to battle an eyelid. No matter what the cause was whether it is accidental, lost, damaged or virus inflicted; the iMyfone D-Back is the perfect solution in all of these cases.

Some of the most important features and specifications of the iMyfone D-back includes special feature sets like:

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The Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

  • Smart Recovery: The smart recovery module as the name suggests offers a seamless and easy to use recovery system that can help recover lost data in a few steps.
  • Recovering from the iTunes Backup: If you have data stored in your iTunes Backup and you find yourself locked out of your account due to some unusual cause, don’t fret. The iMyfone D-Back has got your back. It helps recover backup files from iTunes too.
  • Recovery from iCloud Backup: If you’re worried that your recovered data will overwrite the existing data on your iPhone then don’t be. The recovery tool helps extract your backup from iCloud to the user’s mac folder in order to ensure no overwriting or any other damage happens to the user’s system.

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Apart of several other features and functionalities that the iMyfone D-Back offers, the points mentioned above are only a few of them.

Steps to save notes from iPhone to Windows/Macintosh computer:

The steps involved in the saving of notes from your iPhone to your computer system are very easy and simple. iMyfone D-Back makes it even more simpler with its user friendly and intuitive interface and design.

If you’re wondering how to save notes from iPhone, then follow the procedure accordingly if you haven’t made a backup of your files before.

1 Choose the Recovery Mode

First you have to launch your data recovery software. After launching it for your iPhone, begin the process by clicking “Start” on the “Recover from iOS Device” tab. After completing this sub-step, select the types of files that you would like to recover from backup.

Choose the Recovery Mode

2 Connect and Scan your iOS Device

After this, the software tool will prompt you to connect your iOS device to the system. Connect it. You should click “Scan” after connecting it.

 Connect and Scan your iOS Device

3 Preview and Save Notes to the Computer

After the scan is completed, the tool will beautifully display all the files that match your file type that you specified in the earlier step. Click on each of the tab to ensure that all the files that you wish to recover are selected. You can even choose to select “Show only deleted files” too. After selecting, click “Recover”.

A pop-up window will appear and you show browse and specify the address you wish to recover the files too. The process will be completed in a few minutes.

 Preview and Save Notes to the Computer

Try iMyfone D-Back or iMyfone D-Back for Mac to save your notes to computer!

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