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Solutions for Saving iPhone Data After Virus Attack

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Gabriel Hammond

May 26, 2016 (Updated: July 29, 2020锛

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鈥淓ven though I have carefully used my iPhone, I lost data due to virus attack. I have many important documents stored within the device. Could anyone help me retrieve the data?鈥

Downloading various applications and constant use of the Internet also makes the iPhone vulnerable. At some point in time, any individual will come across such a situation. A virus attack usually corrupts the system and the content present in the phone. It would be difficult to get back the data if one is not cautious. Even after taking several measures, if you still encounter a virus attack, then read ahead as we give you the solution to retrieve your data.

1 Steps to restore from an iTunes/iCloud backup

Step 1: Launch iTunes and check for updates.

Launch iTunes and check for updates

Step 2: Establish connection of your iPhone with the computer. Under the devices menu, select your phone.

Establish connection of your iPhone

Step 3: Backup data by pressing 鈥淏ack Up Now鈥 button. Begin restoring the iPhone by pressing 鈥淩estore iPhone鈥 and choosing 鈥淩estore鈥 for confirming the action.

Backup data

Step 4: Wait until the restoration completes. Press 鈥淩estore from this backup鈥 to begin restoring from the earlier backup. It will reinstall all the settings, content, and applications on your device. Wait until the process is complete. You can then browse the device. to check for the retrieved content.

2 Steps to restore from iCloud backup

Step 1: Tap 鈥淪ettings鈥 application on your iPhone. Select 鈥渋Cloud鈥. Tap 鈥淏ackup.鈥漇witch 鈥渋Cloud backup鈥 button to 鈥渙n鈥. Press 鈥淏ack Up Now鈥 button.

backup data using icloud

Step 2: Once again open the 鈥淪ettings鈥 app from the main menu. Select 鈥淕eneral鈥>鈥淩eset鈥.鈥淓rase All Content and Settings鈥. Enter your passcode, if any, and press 鈥淓rase iPhone鈥 a final confirmation. Wait till the method is complete.

Step 3: As soon as restoration completes, iPhone will power off automatically. Upon restarting, you will see the welcoming screen. Choose 鈥淩estore from iCloud backup.鈥 Login with your Apple ID. Once done, the software will begin downloading the available backup files. After completion, you will be able to get back the device in its original state.

restore iphone using icloud

3 Alternative Method to Save iPhone Data

Apart from using the steps above, you can also use third-party retrieval software in recovering data from iPhone. One such software package that specializes in retrieving lost data from iPhone or iPhone backup is iMyfone D-Back. It specializes as a recovery tool for all the Apple devices. You can easily restore and recover data from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in a simple and quick procedure.

iMyfone D-Back stands out from the rest of the recovery programs due to its fascinating features. The following are the features that make it as the leading retrieval tool:

  1. It is capable of recognizing over 22 different file formats. It means you can easily recover any file or document from your iPhone without having to worry about data loss.
  2. It is capable of retrieving data from the device without actually understanding the reason behind for the data loss. It means you can recover data from a broken, jailbreak or corrupted device.
  3. It displays the recoverable data as a preview. You could easily see all the information that is retrievable and only pick the important ones rather than downloading the entire data. The selective recovery and display of the data as the preview is an added advantage.
  4. It provides complete support for all the models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can easily establish a connection with any of the model and begin the recovery process to retrieve data and restore the particular device back to its working condition.
  5. Apart from recovering all the data, iMyfone D-Back also creates a new backup of the retrieved data and that of the existing content and settings. You do not have to worry about the previous backup, as it does not overwrite the file.

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