How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

With no doubt, Contacts is one of the most important application on our iPhone and contacts number ensure us to connect our family, colleagues and friends. And losing your contacts list would be pretty troublesome. Imagine how it would be if all the contact numbers, names and email addresses in Contacts are gone. We don’t know when bad things will happen and it is to transfer iPhone contacts to computer.

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And there are different ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer. You can sync them with iTunes/iCloud, export them with email or use Microsoft Outlook to transfer iPhone contacts to PC. But if you are not very familiar with those methods, or some unexpected situations happen, you current contacts on iPhone will be replaced or the transfer will fail.

So in the tutorial we will offer one easier and safer solution to how to transfer iPhone contacts to computer.

The Tool We Need — iMyfone D-Back

iMyfone D-Back iPhone contacts transfer tool, or iMyfone D-Back iPhone contacts transfer tool for Mac is used to transfer contacts from iPhone to PC or Mac. As one famous and popular desktop application, iMyfone D-Back shines with the following features.

  1. It can transfer iPhone contacts to computer without iTunes syncing.
  2. You can transfer all contacts, or just partial of them as you need.
  3. The transferring won’t effect current contacts on your iPhone.
  4. It can also transfer contacts in your iTunes/iCloud backup to computer.

And it also have other good functions which we don’t have to list individually. What you care most is how to transfer contacts from iPhone to PC. And iMyfone D-Back also offers the easiest steps to make that. See the following content.

Windows version Mac version

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer with iMyfone D-Back

1 From Recover from iOS Device, check Contact and then connect your iPhone.

select contact from ios

2 Click Scan to search all the contacts on your iPhone. Wait a moment, iMyfone D-Back will list all the iPhone contacts for your preview. Browse them to confirm you need to transfer all contacts or just some important ones.preview contacts from ios

3 Click Recover and choose one local path to save the contacts. And just a few seconds, the transfer process is completed and you can check them on your computer.

With iMyfone D-Back, to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer is almost too easy. Besides, it will do more than you expect. iMyfone D-Back can also transfer iMessagescalendarnotes and more from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to your PC or Mac with the similar steps.

And iMyfone D-Back for Windows and iMyfone D-Back for Mac offer the free trial version to users so that they can confirm whether the application is they need before purchased.

Windows version Mac version

And if you have any doubt or problem about iMyfone D-Back, you can just leave a comment or turn to iMyfone Customer Support Team for help.

  • Remon Prokesch

    Useful article. I downloaded the free trial edition and it previewed good. but I am not sure whether it can transfer contacts all.
    I have more than 500 contact numbers. can it also make that?

    • Yes, Remon. iMyfone D-Back can transfer all the contacts on your iPhone.If you can preview these contacts when you try the program,it can transfer them.
      Hope this will help. :)

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