Three Methods to Undelete iPhone Efficiently

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John, a person who stayed up-to-date on all the latest technologies, got to face a technical misfortune with his iPhone 5. It so happened that while using his phone, he accidentally deleted a lot of data that was quite important. Accepting the misfortune and hoping to recover it somehow, John decided to eagerly look for a solution. It so happened that the first solution that came to his mind was to undelete on iPhone with iTunes backup.

Undelete iPhone Files with iTunes Backup

How to undelete in iPhone with iTunes

For recovering with the help of iTunes back-up, it is first required to actually have the iTunes app downloaded and to save a backup. For beginning the process, you will need to connect your device to the computer on which you stored the backup. Next, iTunes will need to be opened up (it must be the latest version). In the iTunes, you will need to open up a window, choose devices and click on "Restore Backup...".

Undelete iPhone files with iTunes backup

In case you are using Windows, and don’t see a File menu, then you should press the Alt key. Choose among the different back-ups on your laptop and pick the one that you find most relevant. After that, click the restore icon and wait for the process of undelete from iPhone to finish. After it is completed, the device will restart and automatically sync with your laptop. Wait for the sync to be completed.

Disadvantages of undelete iPhone files with iTunes backup

While it seems like a fairly easy way to restore backup with iTunes, two major disadvantages actually bring down its effectiveness quite a notch. For one thing, you will always have to recover the whole data and can't choose only a part. Secondly, most people do not go through the hassle of backing up their phones, hence leading to further gravity of the problem.

Undelete on iPhone with iCloud backup

How to undelete in iPhone with iCloud

Backing up and restoring with iCloud is also a relatively easy procedure. To begin, you need to turn on your device and on the hello screen, follow the steps indicated in the iOS Setup, Assistant. It is important to join a Wi-Fi network and keep following through with the steps till the Setup Device screen is reached. From there, you will tap the restore from an iCloud backup and simultaneously, sign in to your iCloud account. You will then choose the most relevant back-up, checking the data and size of each. After the transfer has started, make sure to stay connected to the Wi-Fi. In the case of disconnection, before the whole process is completed, the restoration shall be paused until the next time you reconnect. The time will depend on the size of back-up as well as the network speed. In case you have purchased content with multiple Apple IDs, you will be asked to sign into each (although this can be skipped and done later).

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Disadvantages of undelete iPhone files with iCloud backup

While restoring iCloud back-up may seem to be a better option than with iTunes, it also has one significant disadvantage. Recovering from iCloud may actually overwrite all the existing data on your iPhone, hence leading to the loss of other important information.

Undelete iPhone with iMyfone D-Back

While it may seem like the end of the road for John for finding the most suitable solution, his luck may still be intact. One recovery tool, iMyfone D-Back iOS data recovery Windows version and iMyfone D-Back iOS data recovery Mac version well address the shortcomings of the previous recovery tools quite perfectly while at the same time providing complete satisfaction.

undelete on iPhone with iMyfone D-Back

The following are the major advantages to undelete iPhone files of this tool:

  1. A part of the data may actually be recovered. For example, John can recover his photos or messages, notes only.
  2. One can actually preview the data before initiating the recovery process, which guarantee the restored files are John exactly need.
  3. The present data on the iPhone won’t be affected in the least way.

And I dare say that John will find the program pretty easy to use the iMyfone D-Back data recovery.

Thus, iMyfone D-Back is actually the best solution that John can choose to undelete from iPhone. If you haven’t tried it, you haven’t tried the ultimate recovery tool.

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