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How to Unfreeze an iPad

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Heather Marston

August 5, 2016 (Updated: April 21, 2017)• Filed to: iOS Data Recovery

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The freezing or hanging off your iPad is an absurd activity. In fact, many users are facing the problem. The reasons why such a problem arises are plenty. Nonetheless, the relevant facts are that when a user performs an update, or jailbreaks the iOS, or installs a malicious app, the iPad becomes unresponsive. Even a virus attack could be the answer. It is quite common for many to restart the device and continue using the iPad. However, there is a need to address this issue at the earliest to prevent damage to hardware components. We will study two solutions that will help you overcome the problem of frozen iPad.

1 Restoring the frozen iPad using iTunes

Step 1: If you are using iTunes, open it and check whether you are using the latest version. If not, just update the application to the latest version.

Step 2: Connect your iPad to the system. Now, hold down both the Home and Power button together for a few seconds. You will notice the Apple logo surface on the display. Do not let go the buttons and continue to hold them to enter into the recovery mode.

Step 3: iTunes will recognize the device instantly. Once done, it will pop-up a message that there is an issue with the operating system, and it requires an update or restoration. Press Update to allow iTunes to download the latest version of iOS and begin repairing the system without losing any of the content.

Step 4: Wait until iTunes completes the restoration. You can then set up your iPad as a new device or use a recent backup file to ensure that none of the files is missing.

put iphone into recovery mode

2 Unfreezing iPad with iMyfone iOS System Recovery

iMyfone iOS System Recovery is an iOS system issues fix tool developed for all iOS models. Its algorithm uses the latest technological advancements making it possible to fix different kinds of iOS issues. The following are the features that make the program a successful tool and a must-have for every Apple user:

  • Capable of fixing iPhone stuck in recovery mode/DFU mode/Apple logo with ease.
  • iPhone white/black screen of death or won’t turn on issues can be solved easily.
  • It won’t cause any data loss during the fixing process in its Standard fix mode.
  • The application is applicable to almost all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models.
  • User-friendly interface make it possible to be used by even technology illiteracy.

Windows version Mac version

Specific Steps to Unfreeze iPad using iMyfone iOS System Recovery

Step 1: Launch the software. Click Start from the main screen to connect your iPad. And then, iMyfone iOS System Recovery will prompt you to start the fix process.

start to fix ios issues

Step 2: To fix the frozen iPad, it is important to update or reinstall the firmware. The tool gives you the opportunity to download the firmware accurately. It detects the version of the iPad and displays the suitable firmware for it on the next screen.

choose the matching firmware package

Step 3: After downloading the firmware, the application will begin repairing your iPad. It will need several minutes to adjust your iPad. And then, iPad reboots automatically and restarts in a natural manner with all the files present in the device secure.

fix your ios system to normal

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