How to View iPhone photos on PC

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I have been trying to copy the photos that I clicked from my iPhone to the computer, but could not understand the procedure stated by the Apple. I get confused each time I connect the device and start the iTunes application. Is there any other method to copy the photos?”

Apple’s iTunes is the sole application for all the iDevices to sync, copy, and transfer content from the devices to a computer and vice versa. People who are less educated about using these applications will find it difficult to understand the entire procedure. There are also instances where people lost their images because of improper follow-up of the procedure while using with iTunes.


It will tiresome and bother for those who would like to have a complete backup of the pictures clicked using the iPhone. To wave away their frustration, we are presenting you with simple solutions that are easy to operate and use. In this section, we will discuss about iMyfone D-Back, the easiest tool, which helps any individual to copy their images from their device to a computer in simple steps.

What is iMyfone D-Back? Why We Choose it?

iMyfone D-Back (Windows/Mac version) is a data retrieval software for the iOS platform. With the help of the program, users can easily recover lost file from their handset, iPad, and iPod Touch in simple steps. You must be questioning why to use a data retrieval tool. Well, the reason is that it functions efficiently and recognizes over two dozen file extensions, making it easy for you to look up for specified file with ease. It not only helps in recovering or transferring data from the phone to the computer but also assists in repairing the bugs in iOS to ensure smooth functionality of the gadget. Look at the following features, which make the program a well sought-out application:

imyfone d-back iphone data recovery

Advantages of iMyfone D-Back

  • Recover data without mentioning the reason why you lost it in the first place.
  • Recover any file from the instrument because it can recognize over 22+ file formats.
  • Displays the entire recoverable data as a preview in its preview screen.
  • Fixes iOS bugs without restoring the device and without any data loss.
  • Supports all models running on iOS, including iPhone 7 and iOS 10.

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Steps to View iPhone Photos on Computer using iMyfone D-Back

Step 1: You can install the trial variant of the program by visiting the website of iMyfone D-Back. You can choose the program for either Windows or Mac. Install it and start the program. In the main screen, from the left side, select “Retrieve from iOS Device” selection. The program will prompt you to connect the device. Use the given USB cable to install a connection to the computer.

Recover from iOS Device Tab

Step 2: Click “Start”, and from the next screen make the important file format selection. You have to pick “Photos” and “Photo app” as the options. Once done, select press the “Next” button located at the bottom.

select photo from ios

Step 3: Press the "Scan" button on the next screen to allow the program to scan the device for the selected file format.

Step 4: Once iMyfone D-Back completes the scan, it will display all the recoverable images in its preview window. You can choose “Show deleted file only” to see only the deleted contents. You can then mark the files that you want to copy to the computer. If you wish to move all the images, then choose all and then press “Recover” at the bottom.

preview photos from ios

Step 5: A small window opens asking you to pick a location for saving the files. IF you have created a folder, then navigate to the same and wait for the program to complete the process. Once done, you can check the folder to see that all the images from your iPhone are now on the computer’s hard drive.

iMyfone D-Back (Windows/Mac version) is the best program that will guide you in copying iPhone photos to a computer in simple steps. Make sure you try the trial variant to understand its power in recovering data!

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