Ever thought of losing something of great value such as your iPhone? Well stealing of iPhones has become rampant in our world today. It is not a strange thing to hear of stolen iPhones. For this reason we are not far from being victims of such incidents. Your iPhone could be stolen anytime no matter how safe you keep it. It just happens and oops! Your iPhone is gone. But then, what can you do when your iPhone is stolen? This article explains to you clearly on this. It also takes you through what you can do if you cannot recover your iPhone right away.

If Find My iPhone is enabled on your missing device

If Find My iPhone is enabled in your stolen iPhone, you can do the following to get it back.

1 Use Find My iPhone and Turn on Lost Mode.

You can access Find My iPhone by using any other iOS device like your friend鈥檚 iPhone or so. While there you can turn on Lost Mode. On turning on Lost Mode, you will be able to lock the screen of your iPhone with its passcode or a new passcode if did not have one. The mode will also add a number and a massage on the screen that can be of great help when a good person comes across it.

2 Get help from the Police if you have been able to locate your iPhone

If you have been able to locate your iPhone, you can get help from the police. This is more secure than approaching the thief by your own.

3 File a Police Report, if you can't recover the phone right away

Again if you cannot recover your iPhone right away, you can file a police Report so that they can be of help trying to trace your iPhone. You can give a unique identifier for such as its serial number that will help incase the iPhone is found later.

4 Erase your device.

You can also choose to erase your device to clean your iPhone of all the data in it. 聽If your iPhone was locked the files will not be accessed.

5 Call Your Cell Phone Company

Calling your cell phone company is of great help too as it ensures that you do not pay for charges incurred by the thief.

6 Change Your Passwords

It is important that you change the any passwords in your iPhone like changing email account passwords bars the thief from accessing or sending your emails.

If Find My iPhone isn't enabled on your missing device

1 Change your Apple ID password

If Find My iPhone is not enabled on your iPhone, you need to Change your Apple ID password. This hinders the thief or anyone from accessing your iCloud account.

2 Deactivate the phone with your wireless provider

By deactivating your iPhone with your wireless provider you can prevent the thief from running up a lot of charges on your bill.

3 Reset your passwords for Facebook, or Twitter

Resetting the passwords will prohibit the person with your iPhone from accessing your facebook and twitter accounts. Persons with bad intentions will not be able use your twitter and facebook accounts negatively.

4 Remove Debit and Credit Cards from Apple Pay

It is important to remove debit and credit cards from Apple pay. You can use iCloud to remove the cards and be sure that thief or any other person will not be able to use your credit and debit cards.

5 Report your lost or stolen device to local police

You need to report the matter to a local police so that they can be of help. They could use your iPhone鈥檚 unique identity to get your iPhone back.

6 Inform your friends and family, and Employer if need

Again it is good that you inform you friends, family and employer if need arises. You could inform your employer as they can help you prevent the thief from accessing important business information that could be on your iPhone.

7 Call Your Phone Insurance Company

If you have an insurance company you can call it to help you get money to replace your iPhone if you cannot recover it.

By now you know what to do when your phone gets lost or when it is stolen.