Where Do Deleted Notes Go on iPhone? How to Get Them Back?

We won't be wrong if we state that the notes app in our iPhone is one of the most convenient and useful apps. Be it for keeping the shopping list or for the upcoming birthday party list or maybe, for official details, notes app is widely used by iOS users. Since the purposes are numerous, we can't bear losing all these important information from our device. If you have, by chance lost your notes, have you ever wondered where deleted notes go on iPhone and where to find deleted notes on iphone? We're going to nake it clear for you. All in all, this article will solve your dual queries. Check out the following information.

1. Where Do Deleted Notes Go on iPhone?

They are moved to the Recently Deleted folder

When you experience notes erasure, 'Recently Deleted' folder is the place where deleted notes go on iPhone. The Notes app contains a folder named as 'Recently Deleted' where it stores the entire deleted notes that you've just deleted. And this is where to find deleted notes in case you wish to get them back. This folder allows you to recover your notes if you accidentally deleted them or you suffer the loss due to a bug. However, an important point to be noted is that the notes that have been moved to 'Recently Deleted' folder only last for 30 days. Beyond this period, these notes will get permanently deleted. In addition, if you wish to edit the notes that have deleted, make sure to first recover it from the folder.

notes recently deleted folder

If you erase the 'Recently Deleted' folder

You have learned where deleted notes go on iPhone, but what if you erase the 'Recently Deleted' folder resulting in no chance of having the notes back? Well! You shouldn't panic in this case too because the notes are still in your device and theirs is still a chance of recovery. Wondering how? Let us explain!

Actually, your iPhone works with the database known as SQLite whose responsibility is to store the data in the device. Believe it or not, when you delete the note or any other kind of data, it doesn't get removed fully. It's only get hidden in your device. The reason behind this is that the deleted item just makes the space for the new item to be entered in the device. If put differently, the 'Allocated' place for the item is just marked as 'Unallocated' and the deleted item becomes invisible giving you the last chance to recover it. However, you can only get the deleted item back only when they are not overwritten. The more you use the device, the more possibility will the new data overwrite the space created by deleted content.

Summing up, if you take actions straight away like using a highly reliable data recovery tool and don't use your device, you can simply find deleted notes on iPhone because they are still there in the device.

2. Where to Find Deleted Notes on iPhone

Following are the two ways through which you can find deleted notes on iPhone. Let's explore them.

Recover from Recently Deleted Folder

As previously mentioned, 'Recently Deleted' folder is where deleted notes go in iPhone, so the first way will teach you how to get back from the folder. Here are the steps.

  • Launch the Notes app on your device and hit on 'Recently Deleted'.
  • After tapping on it, look for 'Edit' at the upper right corner.
  • Now, you'll be able to see the notes that have been deleted. Choose the one you need back and tap on 'Move to'.
  • Lastly, you need to pick out the folder where you want to move the recovered note and you're done now!

Move deleted notes to other folders

Use an Efficient iPhone Data Recovery Tool (iOS 12.1 Supported)

If you've unintentionally deleted Recently Deleted folder, you can take help of a highly professional and efficient data recovery tool. We can't stop introducing you iMyFone D-Back in such situation for its best output guarantee and 100% safety. We highly recommend this data recovery tool to find deleted notes on iPhone also because it is the most compatible tool and makes data recovery possible with advanced technologies. Not just notes, there are many other types of data that can be recovered effortlessly with D-Back that you lose under any situation, such as messages, contacts, photos, WhatsApp, WeChat and so on. The best part is you can retrieve data from iTunes, iCloud or iOS device directly.

Windows version    Mac version

Here is how to use the program:

Step 1: Download and launch the program on your respective computers. Choose 'Recover from iOS Device' given on the left panel of the program's main interface. Give a click on 'Start' button.

Recover from iOS Device Tab

Step 2: Plug your iPhone to the PC and make successful connection between the two mediums. Once you see that your iPhone gets detected successfully, please click on 'Next'.

connect your device

Step 3: From the data types on the next screen, you can simply click on 'Note' for recovery and then hit on 'Scan'. In the next window, you are fully allowed to preview your notes first and then recover them.

select data types

Step 4: After when you preview your data, click on 'Recover' button. From the next pop-up, select the location to save the notes on your PC. You're done now.

preview notes

That's all! Isn't it easy? Why not download the free trial version to have a try now?

Windows version    Mac version

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