According to many users' complaints, we have learned that a lot of users have encountered various iPad issues and some of them need an iPad flash. Here learning how to flash your iPad can help you in order instances, as this resets the iPadOS to eliminate issues.

iPad owners can experience a plethora of challenges using their device, but the good thing is that most of the issues are minor and caused by software errors and conflicts. For instance, an email I got over the weekend from a reader who needs to flash his iPad reads:

Hi, I have been using my iPad for months, but lately, I've started noticing weird behaviors. First, the iPad crashes from time to time. Also, it tends to overheat at times and it just feels like something is not right. I've sent it to a repairer, and they advised that I flash the iPad. What alternatives do I have? Thanks.

This article contains detailed step-by-step guides on how to flash iPad without iTunes and with iTunes. Kindly go through the steps for the iPad flash and use anyone you prefer.

Part 1. How to Check Whether You Need to Flash Your iPad or Not

From the case above, you can understand that the repairer needed to flash the iPad to eliminate software issues. The million-dollar question now is - what situations indicate that you need an iPad flash? A variety of scenarios demand an iPad flash. Some include the following:

  • When you need to change your carrier after your contract expires.
  • When you experience some unknown error on your iPad, you need to flash it as soon as possible to prevent further complications.
  • Perform an iPad flash if you want to force upgrade or downgrade your iPadOS version.

Part 2. How to Flash iPad via iTunes

Now, you know when and why you need to flash your iPad. Here in this part, we will see how to flash iPad using iTunes.

Before proceeding with any step here, bear in mind that this method of flashing your iPad will completely erase all data on it. It also installs the latest software compatible with your iPad on it.

Step 1: Install the latest iTunes version on your computer.

Step 2: Make a backup. This step is optional but recommended.

Step 3: On your iPad, navigate to Settings - 'your name' - iCloud. Hit the Find My iPhone button to turn it off.

Step 4: Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPad to it via a certified USB cable.

Step 5: Click Trust This Computer if you get the prompt.

Step 6: Click on the iPad when it shows up on iTunes.

Step 7: Navigate to the Summary panel and hit Restore [device].

Step 8: Click on Restore again to confirm the operation.

restore ipad with itunes

Cons of using this method:

  • Flashing via iTunes will erase all files, photos, settings, music, and every other data from your iPad.
  • May brick your iPad, if you miss a step.
  • This method is too complicated for most users.

Part 3. How to Flash iPad without iTunes

Knowing the cons, as well as how easy it is to brick your iPad while flashing with iTunes, we recommend that you explore how to flash iPad without iTunes, using other alternatives that make the operation safer and more comfortable than using iTunes.

For flashing your iPad, an industry-standard tool is iMyFone Fixppo. It has a fantastic balance of crucial, innovative features and ease of use. Find out what makes this tool so great.

  • Fixppo is compatible with every version of iPad, as well as other Apple gadgets.
  • You can enjoy a 100% success rate for repairing iPad system issues.
  • After you flash the iPad, your data remains intact, unlike flashing with iTunes or other tools.
  • It is easy to use because it is developed for persons with no technical knowledge, but still more powerful than other options.
  • Fixppo is a one-tool-fix-all solution and it also helps repair all other iPad system issues.

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Windows version    Mac version

Step 1: Start iMyFone Fixppo and select the Standard Mode from the first screen you see. After this, connect your iPad to your PC or Mac with an Apple-certified USB cable and unlock the iPad. Click Next.

 connect your device to your computer

Step 2: Fixppo will detect your device information automatically and displays the available firmware for the iPad. To start downloading the firmware, click Download.

download firmware under Standard Mode

Step 3: Click Start and Fixppo will start the iPad flash operation. Please keep your iPad connected to your computer system until the flashing is over and the device restarts.

finished fixing your device

Many users have left positive feedback on this tool and you can have a check.

user feedback

Windows version    Mac version

Part 4. Flash iPad with Software vs. Flash iPad with iTunes

We have talked about how to flash the iPad using iTunes and without iTunes. It is now left to you to decide which to use. However, Fixppo is our go-to method because of the following reasons below:

Flash iPad via Fixppo Flash iPad via iTunes
Success Rate 100% 70%
Difficulty Easy Complex
Required Time Short Long
Data Loss after Fixing No Yes
What Issues Can Be Fixed All system/software issues Some software issues


Apple produces top-of-the-line gadgets that ship with exciting features, which can sometimes malfunction. When this happens, you can go through several routes to fix the problem, but before attempting any, it is always advisable that you flash the iPad first.

The Apple-recommended method of flashing iPads is using iTunes. However, you have many other better and safer alternatives for performing this operation, and we recommend iMyFone Fixppo, and you cannot go wrong with this tool.

The ball is in your court, so you can choose whichever method resonates with you the most. We appreciate your comments and feedback on this post and will respond to as many as possible.

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