“I am having an unusual problem with my iPad. From yesterday, I was not getting any of my emails. I have no idea how to proceed! I mean is this a frequently occurring issue or is it just me? Please, help me”.

cannot get mail error message on ipad

Who does not use email these days? Professional or personal we check emails very frequently, every day. It is a very important medium of communication too but if you cannot get mail on iPad then it will be a big issue. So, don’t make it a permanent one and use the following fixes in this article to solve it immediately.

Tip 1: Check Internet Connection

You need to start by checking the simple things, like checking the Internet connection. It is evident that you have lost the Internet connection or the router is acting up or the Airplane Mode is turned on, it will interfere with your Internet activities.

It is very common if the Airplane Mode is ON then you need to turn it OFF. If it’s a router issue then restart the device or just connect to Wi-Fi again, you will start receiving email on your iPad in no time.

reconnect to wifi on ipad

Tip 2: Force Quit Mail App and Launch Again

Sometimes, the simple solutions are the best! If you are saying “you cannot get mail on my iPad” then simply quit the Mail App and launch it again a bit later.

It is a simple but effective fix if it a minor issue then it will get fixed immediately. You don't have to go through any trouble, at all. Just double clicking the Home button and the multitasking screen will appear. Slide your finger to the top and the app will end task.

quit and launch mail app

Tip 3: Delete Mail Account and Add Again

This is one of the biggest steps you can take if you are not receiving emails on iPad. You have to delete your email account and then add it again later. It is very simple, just follow the steps below;

Step 1: Open your iPad and go to Settings.

Step 2: You need to scroll down the menu and look for “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” or “Password & Accounts”.

Step 3: Now, just tap on the email account you wish to delete. You have to confirm the command.

confirm delete

Step 4: Then, tap on “Delete on My iPad” and the account will be deleted.

Step 5: Now, tap on “Add Account” and select which account to add.

add the account

Step 6: Sign in using your email ID and password.

Now, you can check the inbox again and you will find the new emails there.

Tip 4: Manually Configure Mail Settings

You can also manually configure your email account if you are not getting emails on iPad. Apple actually provides a lot of different settings options and you can select the proper settings for your email account. It is very simple:

Step 1: Open your iPad and go to Settings. Tap on “Accounts & Passwords”

Step 2: Then, you need to tap on the email account you need to configure.

select the account

Step 3: Tap on the email address and then tap on “SMTP” to switch to the server.

Step 4: Now, tap on a new “SMTP” server. If you are using Gmail then it will say “smtp.example.com”.

mail smtp settings

Step 5: Provide the password for your account and toggle the switch beside the server to turn it “ON”.

Step 6: Now, tap “Done”.

Step 7: Then, tap “Account” followed by “Advanced” and set a brand new path for IMAP Path Prefix or Server Port if needed.

check email settings

Possibly changing such delicate settings you will be able to fix the issue on your iPad.

Tip 5: Reboot Your iPad

Even after implementing all the fixes if you still cannot get email on iPad then just reboot the iPad. A simple reboot is known to have fixed a lot of minor issues. Although this is not a minor issue still you would be better off trying it once;

Step 1: Press and hold the Power button and the Home button until the Slider appears on the screen.

Step 2: Swipe it and turn off the device.

Step 3: Wait a while and turn it on again with the Power button.

reboot ipad

Well, if it got fixed then it will be a win for you but try not to hope too much. If it is still giving you difficulties then you have the next option to fix the issue permanently.

Tip 6: Still Got Cannot Get Mail Error? Fix using 3rd-Party Tool

If still your iPad not getting mail, you have possibly changed some settings on the iOS accidentally or it is not working because of a glitch! It happens; a lot of different issues can be caused by an iOS glitch.

But it is easily fixable, you just need to get your hands on a professional iOS repair tool. Like iMyFone Fixppo, it is good, flexible and works efficiently. It can repair all iOS 12/11 stuck issues, system glitches, loops etc. All you need are the steps and you will be able to fix the iPad issue in no time at all.

Windows version    Mac version

Step 1: Install the program on your computer and then run it. In the main interface you will have to choose the Mode to proceed. Select “Standard Mode”.

standard mode will work

Step 2: Now, get a USB cable to connect the iPad to the computer and click “Next”.

connect to a computerk

Step 3: Now, download the firmware. iMyFone Fixppo will provide the list, all you have to do is to select one and click “Download”.

select and download

Step 4: After that, just click “Start” to initiate repair.

begin repair

So, this third-party repair tool is capable of fixing any issues with the iOS. Here are the advantages of using iMyFone Fixppo.

  • You can perform iOS system recovery at home.
  • The whole process is smooth and very easy to follow.
  • There is no risk of data loss to get iPad mail issues fixed.
  •  No matter what iPad you are using, you will get support from Fixppo.


Generally, the users don’t have to go this far to fix the email issue on the iPad. It is mainly caused by the disrupted Internet connection. But in case it is a big issue, you have iMyFone Fixppo to lean on. Just download it on your computer and if any problem occurs, connect the device and the program will fix it. Highly recommended!

Windows version    Mac version