5 Hot YouTube Videos about Red iPhone!

There is no doubt that Apple has put a lot of work into the iPhone brand to satisfy the numerous yearnings of customers all over the world. The latest news today is Apple’s release of an all new red iPhone 7 which is geared towards providing options for customers who are in love with the touch of red.

The red iPhone like other iPhone brands before it is also sophisticated, beautifully built and aesthetically appealing. There is no doubt this will find favor among iPhone users. To show you some interesting things about the red iPhone 7, we have compiled a list of top red iPhone YouTube videos, sit, relax and watch these videos.

Video 1 Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus (RED)

This video is a good watch for people who would like to get to know about the red iPhone 7 before actually buying it. Published on March 24, 2017, the video goes to show how the red color compares to all other colors of the iPhone 7 brand.

The video has been watched by over a whooping 88,000 people since it was published on Youtube with a super majority expressing satisfaction in their ratings. The video is descriptive enough even though there are some complains from few of the viewers about the whole quality. This is a hot red iPhone 7 video and a must watch.

Video 2 The New Apple Red iPhone 7 is here

I don’t think there has been any other video vividly explaining the new red iPhone to customers than this video. It is a 5 minute video released on 21st March,2017. The video is hot on YouTube at the moment having gathered over 25,000 views.

It is an internet sensation at the moment as more people keep finding out about the new red iPhone 7. Reviews from comments after the video suggests that it is well accepted and the red iPhone 7 is well loved by iPhone users.

Video 3 New Red iPhone 7 Unboxing

One of the hottest videos about the red iPhone 7 published on March 21, 2017 has gone to amass a whooping 2.6 million views from all over the world. This video remains a good watch in the sense that it shows the whole picture of the red iPhone 7.

From the comments generated after the video, it shows that a whole lot of people are happy with the device with very little number showing disapproval. The video is a 5 minute video, very clear and interesting. You will definitely find some of the reviews in the comment section funny and amazing.

Video 4 Red iPhone 7 plus- Worth It?

This video was published on 24the March, 2017 and has been viewed by a whopping 42,000 people as at today. It examines the new red iPhone 7 and tries to find the real value of the device. It is clear, well packaged and straight to the point.

Majority of viewers showed positive approval to the video and the content and this is reflected in the comments on the page. However, there are also some very amusing comments and reviews on this video. In all, it is a hot and most watch video.

Video 5 Infatuated with Red iPhone

This is one of the hottest videos about the newly released red iPhone 7 which has left the internet amazed on how beautiful the phone can be. It was released on YouTube on 21st of March, 2017 and has gathered over 70,000 views.

This 2 minute video is like an appetizer for the red iPhone. Reaction to this video has been in measured mode as iPhone lovers watch to see how the red iPhone will be officially released. This is good news because the red iphone has been officially released and this means we can expect a whole lot of reviews and reactions from this hot video in due time. To watch this hot video, check the link

Verdict: The red iPhone no doubt is well built and classy. It throws up further options for people who may have been fed up with the common iPhone colors. The red iPhone is unique as this is the first time Apple has considered this color. There is no difference in function between the red spec and other colors; therefore it has retained the sophistication of the iPhone. In my opinion, I think the red iPhone amazing and will become the number 1 choice for iPhone lovers very soon.