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iPhone 8 Plus:Size Model, Specs and Price, Hot Rumors

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Tata Davis

June 8, 2016 (Updated: June 30, 2020)

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There is every indication that Apple is likely to launch another plus branded smartphone after launching the 6 plus, but this time around it is the iPhone 8 Plus. From industry sources, it is speculated that the possible iPhone 8 Plus release date is in September 2016.Just like in the last 2 years, it is expected that Apple will unveil the much anticipated iPhone 8 Plus alongside the iPhone 7, sometime in mid September. Judging from past release, it is usually a Tuesday or a Wednesday in mid September, therefore the possible date is likely to be 6th, 7th, 13th or 14th of September.
iphone 7 plus

iPhone 8 Plus Size Model

The much anticipated size of the iPhone 8 Plus is put at 5.5 inch model. The reason for this is that it is certainly unlikely that Apple after the release of the iPhone SE will venture into another 4 inch model iPhone, judging from the fact that it is coming rather too soon. Though unlikely at this point but nothing can be overruled. However, the iPhone 8 Plus is expected to be larger than the iPhone 7 which is also expected to be released alongside it in September.

iPhone 8 Plus- Specs and Price

Judging by the predecessors, it can be noticed that the Plus versions are slightly larger in size. The iPhone 8 Plus is likely to use a 1.5 GHz dual core cyclone CPU, in addition to an A10 chipset that is very capable of boosting speed faster than seen before.

For iPhone user, "not enough storage" is really painful. The internal memory is not left out at all. In fact, it is expected that the different variants like have 32 GB as the base model, 64 GB, 128 GB and as much as 256 GB of internal memory. With this, Apple is already raising the stakes higher when compared to the past.
iphone 7 and 7 plus
Other expected notable specs in iPhone 8 Plus include 20 megapixel primary camera, that would come with an image stabilization design for better photo shoot and video. There is also a 2 megapixel front camera which is for self shoot.

The battery challenge is also expected to be addressed in the iPhone 8 Plus with the inclusion of battery power as high as 2100mAh.

The pricing of the iPhone 8 Plus is a concern at the moment. It is expected that the phone will start at about $900 upwards. While this may seem expensive to a lot of people, but it could worth the price tag. Note that prices might likely vary according to the specifications like the memory sizes as well as the country of purchase.

Other Hot Rumors about iPhone 8 Plus

The expectation of the iPhone 8 Plus smartphone comes with its hot rumors. Below are some of them making littering the information space.

Rumor 1 iPhone 8 Plus is likely to have 2 cameras at the back

This is one of the latest rumors on the media. However, what we do know is that Apple has been experimenting with every new iPhone released in the past. Therefore, it is a possibility and this will ensure that the iPhone 8 Plus takes full control of quality camera.

Rumor 2 Smart Connectors on iPhone 8 Plus

There is a rumor that is affirming the inclusion of smart connector on the highly anticipated iPhone 8 Plus. The rumor insinuates that there will be a dual sensor camera for the iPhone 8 Plus, which will be exactly the type of camera the iPhone 7 will have.

Whether this is true or not cannot be categorically stated at this point, but what we know is the Apple has been on the for front of working to bring in new features that are interesting to users in their range of smartphones. We will therefore wait till the release latter in the year to confirm it.

iphone 7 plus

Rumor 3 Smart Connectors on iPhone 8 Plus

There is a strong rumor that Apple plans to ditch the headphone jack in order to make the iPhone 8 Plus thinner. The rumors outlines that headphones will now need to be wireless.

Another option in place of the headphone jack according to the rumor is that headphones will have a lightning connector that would make it compatible with the new device. But note that the removal of the headphone jack will mean that Apple would likely supply a new headphone. Will they do that? We will have to know at some point.

Rumor 4 Buttonless Design

Rumor has it that there wouldn’t be a home button on iPhone 8 Plus but a new 3D Touch technology in its place. This technology is the one that was first seen in the iPhone 6s display.

Rumor 5 iPhone 8 Plus will Spit Water out of its Speakers

There is a new rumor which suggests that the new expected iPhone 8 Plus will be fully waterproof. It goes to say that the phone will have a mechanism where it can be able to dry out itself by pumping out water or liquids through the grills of its speaker.

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