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iPhone Pro Price prediction: according to history price, new design/specs/storage etc.

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Tata Davis

June 8, 2016 (Updated: June 30, 2020锛

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iphone 7 transparent price

The iPhone Pro is expected to the next Apple鈥檚 flagship smartphone that would be making its debut later in the year. The smartphone is expected to bring some kinds of radical updates from the previous Apple devices. However, one of the main concerns for a whole lot of people remains the iPhone Pro price. There is a feeling that the price range will be on the high side due to specification that is expected.

Factors that could affect the iPhone Pro Price

There are several factors that are expected to affect the price of the awaited Apple iPhone Pro. Some of these factors are really nothing new, especially if you follow technology trends and judging by past smartphone releases. However, let鈥檚 just look at some of them below.

Factor 1 iPhone Price History

You can certainly not talk about the iPhone price history without recalling the iPhone configurations that were available in the beginning.

iphone 7 transparent price

The iPhone which sold initially in two configurations which is the 4 GB model and the 8 GB model started at $499 and $599 respectively. However, with the discontinuation of the 4 GB model in 2007, the 8 GB model dropped to $399.

The year 2008 saw the introduction of the 16 GB model which sold for $499, but all these models were discontinued with the introduction of the iPhone 3G. The prices of iPhones have been fluctuating. iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s have all fluctuated between $199 and $399 depending on the specifications.

However, with iPhone 6s hovering around $599, one would expect that the price of iPhone Pro will not be any cheaper. In fact, it is expected to fall in the $599to $699 range.

Factor 2 iPhone Storage

The question is that will iPhone Pro start with 32 GB of storage? When it comes to storage, iPhones sometimes seem unpredictable. With the iPhone capping out at 128 GB in recent times, one would expect iPhone Pro to follow suit.

iphone 7 transparent price

However, recent leak suggest that we might be having 256 GB model storage on the iPhone Pro, but note that this will surely require a very deep pocket. The base model is expected to start at 32GB of storage as envisaged, to optimize the situation of "not enough storage" which will likely make the price of iPhone Pro more expensive than the iPhone 6s base models.

Factor 3 New Design

One thing we surely expect from the iPhone Pro is a largely radical design different from what is obtainable in the past. Leaked information suggests that the iPhone Pro will be slimmer than the iPhone 6.

There is also some information suggests that the phone will have a larger screen resolution than its predecessor with a 3D touch. It is also expected to pack Intel chips and a very big improvement in the photography and media department. The combinations of all these will also affect the iPhone Pro price.

Factor 4 Other factors

The Headphone

There is a strong believe that iPhone will abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of a better all in one lighting connector expected to have thinner chassis.


There is an expectation that the iPhone Pro camera will be a step up from the iPhone 6s. There is a question by industry watchers on whether the dual lens camera module will find its way into iPhone Pro. While some people have argued it will likely come in the plus version, there are chances that it might be featured on the base model. However, whatever be the case, it is certainly going to be an upgrade from its predecessor in terms of quality and efficiency.


One of the top expectations for the iPhone Pro is that Siri on the feature hit list. With Siri, you can have the capability of listening to everything. In fact, a new rumor suggests that Siri is likely to have the ability to transcribe voicemails and convert it to text. This feature is expected to have an impact on the starting iPhone Pro price.

The iPhone Pro price is still not yet known, but the history and expectation of iPhone brand suggest that it may not come cheap, and will certainly rule the smartphone niche at least for some time to come.

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