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iPhone 7 Red: Release Date, Price, Details, Reviews

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Tata Davis

March 27, 2017 (Updated: May 28, 2020)• Filed to: iPhone 7 Issues

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The trending news this period is that Apple has released a new version of its flagship iPhone 7 in a unique color of red. The release of the iPhone 7 red expands the range of options available for iPhone lovers.

The release of this unique brand of iPhone marks the positive partnership between AIDS Charity and Apple. Therefore, customers buying the red iPhone are contributing to the RED global fund which tends to tackle the problem of AIDs in some parts of the world.

Red iPhone Details

Officially, the red iPhone has been released and will be available online for customers to purchase starting form 24th March. It will come in two variants that is the 256GB model and the 128GB model.

The red iPhone 7 is expected to start at $749 from Apple store. It boasts of some top class features like aluminum design and rounded edges with white antenna which is placed across the back. Other features include Retina HD Display, Force sensitive home button, rear facing 12 MP camera and lots more.

Let’s Review the Red Hot iPhone 7

1 Design

Looking at the design of the red hot iPhone 7, it is really difficult to actually tell the difference between its design and other iPhones like the iPhone 6s. Its difference is actually not noticeable because they are identical in shape and size.

However, the iPhone 7 is actually lighter when compared to iPhone 6s. There is a deviation from the design of the plastic antenna at the back like it is on iPhone 6 but this time, it is made a single line instead of a double line. The line is almost invisible when viewed in other colors like the black models but can be seen on the gold, silver and the newly released red iPhone.

There is a slight chance in the camera from the design in iPhone 6 as it is a little bit enlarged but you will have to hold the two phones side by side to notice it. The new iPhone has the headphone port removed and replaced by an extra speaker grill.

red iphone 7

2 Headphone Socket Absent

This is a major noticeable difference when compared to the earlier iPhones. There is no headphone socket in the red iPhone 7. Like the other colors, you will have to plug your wired headphone into its charging port or use a wireless means to listen to music on the device. The implication of this is that charging your phone and listening to music at the same time is no longer possible.

However, this shouldn’t be a problem for the red iPhone 7 if you are have been using other colors of iPhone 7 before now. To make things easier, apple have made it in such a way that you can still use your old headphones with the red iPhone 7.

iphone 7 red

3 Home Button Redesign

This is different from the ones you have on iPhone 6. IPhone 7 including the red one makes use of a “Solid State” home button instead the clickable ones on the older models. This type of home button ensures that there is no movement when it is pressed but note that it is press sensitive. The essence of this radical change is to improve the water resistance of the phone by removing the spaces that allow water enter into the electrical components of the phone.

However, note that the new button design needs a human contact to work, therefore pressing it with gloves and nails will simply not work for it.

red iphone 7 skin

4 Water Resistance

The red iPhone 7 like the other colors release before it is water resistant. In fact, it seems to withstand much more than other people think. It has a classification of IP67 which makes it survive deep into the tank. However, it is not expected that you swim with it. Things like drink splash, tea etc does not even affect it.

red iphone 2017

5 Camera

The camera of the red iPhone 7 is as good as the ones before it. It has some kind of background enhancement which allows it to capture even better photos. When compared to the iPhone 6 photo quality, it is safe to say that the red iPhone 7 produces better. Besides, it has a 7 Megapixel selfie camera which is better than that of iPhone 6

red iphone 7 release date

My Verdict

iPhone 7 remains one of the best and the red option has even given it a more appealing outlook. I really love this iPhone and there is no doubt about it. The newly released red iPhone 7 in my view is going to be loved because it is really “hot” and irresistible.

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