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The Buzz About iPhone 8: New Features & Release Updates

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Aaron Donald

June 12, 2016 (Updated: July 31, 2020)• Filed to: iPhone 7 Issues

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A lot of rumors are circulating the world of technology about red iPhone 8’s release and various new updates and features. The geeks around the world have picked up hints about the new integrations in the device and changes in its physical and software attributes. Some photos have been leaked as well and we have come across some MAJOR changes that are rumored to appear in red iPhone 8. Read this article for more theories and news about the latest iPhone release.

iphone 8


Release dates:

It is speculated that this device will release somewhere in the year 2016. Usually they debut their iPhone models in fall. Therefore it is unlikely that that they will stick to the script of this year and release it on June 13th 2016, as said by their experts. But you can cross your fingers and expect its arrival in this year around September, like the former device releases.


There isn’t a lot of news about the new red iPhone 8 specifications. But from what we have gathered, the screen size is said to be, wait for it, yes you guessed it right! BIGGER than its predecessors which are iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This device will boast a screen display of 5.8 with an OLED display. The camera will be 13 MP primary and 8 MP secondary.

Feature highlights:

Following are some specific features that you will get to see in red iPhone 8.

1 Button less design

This is interesting. Apple is said to ditch the traditional design and eliminate buttons altogether. They are said to bring a button less red iPhone 8 for the users. The home button which is currently in the iPhone devices will be completely deleted from the device to increase the screen size.

2 Sapphire Glass

As per the latest rumors, red iPhone 8 might have Sapphire Glass instead of Gorilla Glass that is currently being used in the iPhone devices. Sapphire is much tougher and relatively not easily breakable wither. Apple is using this glass in iWatch.

3 Water proof and dust proof design

For maximum protection for red iPhone 8, the design will be water and dust proof as well. This is owed greatly to the Californian based technology planners. The phone is rumored to be waterproofed to the level of IP67 which is the standard for water and dust proof. This means if you leave the red iPhone 8 device 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes, it won’t get damaged.

4 Improved camera

For the enhancement of picture quality, apple is said to have improved iSight camera to make the pictures brighter and clearer. The 13MP camera is said to meet these requirements with ease. With the 8MP secondary camera, you can expect more beautiful selfies with red iPhone 8 as well. The new red iPhone 8 will carry dual sensors for the camera for improved picture quality.

5 Wireless chargers

Samsung has already designed wireless charging devices and thus Apple wants to be able to compete with its biggest rival. red iPhone 8 is said to have allowed wireless charging with the new update and provide their own customers with the Samsung facility.

6 Smart Connector

According to hot rumors, Apple will not include Smart Connector in red iPhone 8. It was first introduced in iPad Pro last year. The Smart Connector helps with easy transfer of files and transfer of power between device and related accessories.

7 Cost of the device

How much do you anticipate the device would cost with these new extravagant and fabulous new features? We speculated that the price would be around 800 to 900 US dollars. This price will of course vary depending on the different locations and the varying memory.

8 Device structure

According to the most recent updates regarding red iPhone 8 the device is said to be as thinner as possible, with up to 6.1mm thickness and 1mm thinner as compared to iPhone 6S. So the more portable it is the better for you guys!

9 Improved memory

The former Apple phones have greatly disappointed the users with its mere 16GB memory. If Apple now increases the memory up to 32 GB, it will be an immensely good change for iPhone fans. It is also rumored that the new phone will contain a MicroSD card slot.

10 No more jacks for earphones

The company is also rumored to ditch the socket for headphones in order to make it thinner. But with the loss of the jack, the people will have to buy their own accessories for radio. You can use Bluetooth connected headphones instead.

11 Better battery power

The new red iPhone 8 is also said to have better battery power with more sustainability. The loss of signals is also greatly diminished.


With this new upcoming model of iPhone in the technology market, get ready to say goodbye to iPhone 6 and its siblings! Feel the touch of red iPhone 8 in your hands and thrive in its new features and awesome updates. Join us in the anticipation of all new 32GB memory iPhone7, sporting a superb camera and improved iSight camera, thinner and lighter as compared to its former companions and gifted with a wireless charging technology. This phone is sure to capture the eyes of Apple fans around the globe with its OLED display and Sapphire glass screen and lots of other favorites!

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